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WTF am I doing wrong! (lol)

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    WTF am I doing wrong! (lol)

    Believe it or not these seedlings are 5 weeks old, with at best a few very thin dark roots hairs . When the seedlings were smaller the leaf tips turned brown. The leaves started turning yellow so I started feeding at like 31/2 weeks old with RO 2 drops of Cal/Mag with 2 drops Superthrive, PH 6.5. I did see improvement in the color, but they haven't grown in weeks.
    I used Rapid Rooters and mixed less then about 20% FFOF soil with over 80% perlite.

    See the 1 clone I have, it's been in that Rapid Rooter for 4 wks. now. As you can see has 1 small root which I'm happy about. But compared with a lot of other clones at that age, they all look so much better and are farther along.

    The seedlings and clone are under 2-small LED bulbs with 1 LED 24" long. At a distance of 16" above plants.
    To be honest, I believe that I over watered/fed and kept the Rapid Rooters to wet. Giving the plants the idea that, "why should we send out roots, if we keep getting water/fed. So lately I have been dry out a bit.

    Howdy Klaatu, Sorry to hear that you are having problems. I have not used the rapid rooters or LEDs (or even the soil 'thing') in my grows before. Just looking at the photos, they appear to not be getting enough light, long and stretchy. It looks like there are reflectors in Your grow area, if they have CFLs in them try turning them on and see if the sprouts respond to the change or addition of a wider spectrum of light helps.? Or lower the LED a little. I'm not sure, just a guess.
    Good luck with Your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      I agree. Looks like your lights are too far away.

    Klamath - great handle - sorry to say it, but these plants look like they are on life-support. Get more clones and start over. Appears you have the desire to grow so don't stop growing.
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      Klaatu: Arm yourself with knowledge:
      Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

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        Sorry about your plants, as a last effort get some deeper cups punch holes in em mix more soil 70% with the perlite 30% and bury as much of the stem as possible. If you have a desk lamp get the largest cfl bulb you can find and position it 6 inches over them. slowly water to runoff with plain phed water wait a couple of days then 2 tblsp every other day. Good luck


          I replaced the LED lights with 50 W grow bulbs, and lowered the lights to about 12" I put them into soil FFOF with xtra perlite mixed in and will only water since the soil is rich. I don't have a lot of faith in their recovery, or even a strong healthy bush in their future. But I learned some lessons.
          I like to thank everyone for their help with this.


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            You're welcome!! I wish you success!

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