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Cut tops off colas. What will happen now?

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    Cut tops off colas. What will happen now?

    Hi Guys. My Liberty Haze is 51 days into flower since changing to 12/12 under an LED with 5 watt diodes. Barneys Farm states that the plant will take 60-65 days to mature. BUT...almost all pistils (or are they stigmas?) at this stage have browned and the uppermost part of several flower heads were displaying many browning trichomes while further down the stems, most trichomes still seem clear. Not wanting to harvest too soon but being concerned that the appearance of the browning trichomes might indicate that sections of the plant may be losing potency, I made the decision to cut about 6" to 8" lengths from the tops of the twelve colas for drying and placed the "decapitated' plant back under the light to continue maturing. I would be very interested in the opinion of other growers whether this has been a good or bad idea. Should I have waited longer? Will the plant continue to develop or have I just put an end to any prospect of further growth. Should I chop the rest now or wait to see if the trichomes on the remaining stems start to colour??

    No, puppy, you did the right thing!! It's a common practice to harvest in stages if the upper buds are ready to go. Those lower bud sites should have ample light now to mature.
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      If Barneys says 60-65 days, I would say that it's usually at least 10 days longer for mine to get ripe, seems they all say that .Only you know if they are ready and when you try it you will know if you did harvest her to early . If you did and I hope not ,you will know better next time. Good Luck.
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