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    Help with LED spectrum

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning to do myself a LED Grow Light and need some help with it.

    I've been checking some from big brands and noticed that some lights have only the blue color (different specs of blue) for veg stage and red color (different specs of red) for flora. But also I read a article saying that a mix of red and blue are the best in all stages.

    What do you guys think? If I have a small place, would be better to get only blue at veg stage or a mix of blue/red with a bigger amount of blue?

    Also, if I will be growing a single plant in a 2 feet sq place, 150W will be enough? And how to choose between 90 or 120 angle lens?

    I don't know if it matters for this question, but it will be a dwc system.

    Thanks guys!

    I use 2 bloomspect 300 watt LEDs, each one draws around 136 watts from the wall. They have a mix of red blue and white lights, I'm near a month into my grow and the growth is astounding. Highly recommend, I found it after doing a lot of research, relatively cheap as well, around $60. Not trying to be a salesman, I apologize, I just can't recommend these lights enough. Good luck.


      Vipraspectra 600 or bestva 1000 are both great choices and there close to eachother for growing capabilitys. U want both red and blue for both stages of growth. U also want uv in ur spectrum. Plants need blue light to obsorb co2 and red light to help with maturity of the plant. The different colors do different things for the plant in all stages of light. But my personal opinion (because iv grown/ seen results from single switch to double switch lights) I personaly like single switch lights better I really didnt notice any gains with a double switch light,when wattage draw was the same. if u have a full specrum led like viapraspecra lor besva ur plants will grow short and very bushy with about a 2inch node between node.


        Thanks lads! I appreciate the reply.

        So I decided for a mix of blue/red for both stage. If my grow is very limited in height, a rate of Red/Blue of 60/40 will keep my girls short and bushy? Should I change this rate in flora stage?

        What do you guys recommend?


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