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Any suggestions on shipping the bud

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    Any suggestions on shipping the bud

    My younger sister recently started chemo,I want to help her any way I can. I'm kinda thinking a gallon of good bud might help see her through this shit. Any ideas on the best way to get it to her ? Bottom line being throw it in the trunk of my hot rod & take a 2500 mile ride

    I found vacuum seal works awesome and for the extra bit a can sealer which I have ordered weed online and thats normally how they are packaged


      Ziploc or whatever buried inside a 5lb can of coffee.
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        A k-9 handler told me that dogs can smell weed or where weed touched for 2 weeks.
        Roll a joint and grab a door handle, the handle will smell for 2 weeks. (To a dog)

        Putting bud in a jar while wearing gloves. Being careful not to make any contact with the outside of the jar. Then after removing your gloves maintaining the no contact rule, with clean hands put the seal and outer ring on. Tighten securely. So far there has been no contact whatsoever. My last measure would be to melt wax in a saucepan and dip the top half of the jar to ensure a 100% seal. This would be a good way to package it so it didn't smell. I don't know how to package to send it via postal service. For over the road travel, wrapping the sealed jar like a birthday present is standard practice in my family.
        I hope I was able to give you some ideas. I pray your sister may find relief from the chemo.
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          Get a peanut butter jar and hollow out the middle then stick oz or two in a few zipzocks then cover with peanut butter and let it settle then add more tell it's full again and then u reseal the jar with super glue and also follow the instructions above about not touching weed to the jar this is the only method I've known to work personally 5 times threw u p s and idk how many state line check points never had an issue but I would think the vacuum seal would be a great pluss to this method


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            Oh and overnighting cost more but is almost a guaranteed the package will be rushed threw a probly not even get checked

          I agree with any fully sealed idea u can can it jar it or vac seal it but after sealing ur package wash it with alcohol then soap and water and that will destroy any traces the package might have, also chip bags and a hair straightener will reseal the bag. Dogs cant smell thro fully sealed packages they can only smell the residue on a perfectly sealed package. Depends on ur shipping method if it has to go thro xray then u need to make it look like an organic food package


            No contact no smell


              Just mail it to her! The rate of packages going through USPS right now, they won't know! dad just sent me a ton of seeds and there was weed all in with the containers and it got here! LOL!
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                Sorry t hear about your sister, Healing intentions and peace of mind to her and your entire family,
                Maybe you could make some concentrate from the gallon and send that to her instead? Seems less of a chance of being detected. Peace

              Double vacuum seal. I get my Colorado Care Packages every week through the usps.

              My guy buys a bag of candy, double vacuum bags the flower, and then seals it into the bag of candy.

              2-day express mail.

              and you're good
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                Who is your guy

              Regardless of how you decide to get it to her, I wish you good luck. Hope and prayers for your sister.
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                My hart goes out to u bro,and I get what your trying to do and it's not a bad idea when she's home from treatments but while she's getting her chemo in the hospital smoking pot is out. The good news is the docs will script her a drug called Dronabinol ( man made THC) do the resurch it's given to chemo patents to increase appetite and to relax them and it works when nouthing else will. Forget the opiates thay will f#%k her up tho that's the normal treatment offered by most a chemo treatment plan ask for the Dronabinol. First hand experance here..... 5 Mg. 1 every six hours. Keeps u on a even field no highs and no lows just OK!!! As for getting her that weed do it any way u can,I'm sure she would enjoy a visit from her bro. Lol


                  PRIMO I was reading up on mailing weed; they said use priority mail. I also bought one of those vacuum sealers, and if you vacuum seal it like 4 or 5 times, change gloves each time you handle the bag, you should be able to end up with an odorless and mummified bag of weed to send to sis. Best of luck to her and to you. Just be careful!!!!!
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                    That sounds like a bit of overkill,I prefer a wax seal.
                    take the right size Tupperware container poor about a inch of Parafin wax to the bottom let cool place love in the middle and fill sides with more hot wax let cool after that top off with about another inch of wax let cool and put top on and rap it up with a bow and best wishes no body can smell a thing and ships like a dream .


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                      Depends on what you have on hand... I purchased a sealer, you got parrafin; to each his or her own...

                    Best of luck however you do it Primo and best wishes and thoughts for your sister.

                    One thing I do.

                    Mail from a mailbox out of town, put the mail to address as the return address also.

                    IF there was a problem, your sister has plausible deniability as she can say she has no idea who mailed it or why since they will make any "bust" as she receives the package. If they try to back trace there's no direct connection to you and for something they don't have evidence of being a larger distribution effort they aren't going to look much harder.
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