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Yellowing when maturing

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    Yellowing when maturing

    Greetings to all the GWE forum members and GWE team. I have a question related to harvest. I have noticed that some of the strains simply don't turn yellow in a classic way (1st big fan leaves, 2nd smaller fan leaves on side branches), but rather turn a bit pale green (complete plant when observing it) when maturing. Is it possible for buds to be mature but for plant to still be green even though at the last watering runoff was around 500 ppm TDS (pure drinking water has around 300-400) so that would mean that almost all the nutes have been flushed out of the soil, but probably not out of the plant as well.. Or? This confuses me a lot bucause it seems like there is no more time for no more water, because when I look at the trichomes with a 100x magnifier it seems to me like around 1/4 of trichs are still clear, and they seems to remain forever clear, never turn milky, and of these 75% milky's almost half have turned amber or have degraded into other cannabinoids (orange trichs) beacuse I waited for her to start to yellow but almost like she never did. And she became a bit crispy as well. Is crispy good or bad beacuse one year I had some regulars and I let them on like forever and they felt crispy when I touched them, almost all pistils turned brown, buds not so sticky at all on the outside, sticky a bit on the inside, became sooo sticky when I was trimming them, plants overall looking like almost dead and it was some of the best taste of smoke ever, and one year I had some bubba kush and it was still all green and looking like still going on, pistils around 50-60% brown and others still white or red depending on the pheno and I chopped them and it also turned out to be excellent but with a longer curing process. So what's the deal here, can anyone explain to me how this process of maturing works and is the best time to harvest right before this crispiness appears? Please, reply if you understand the issue that I have about determination of perfect harvest clock. Thanks a bunch in advance. crogro420

    Hi crogro, welcome to the forum! I go strictly by trichomes when looking for the right harvest time. I expect some leaves to look pretty funky by the end of the grow, but not all.
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      Hello Crogro420 I harvested my NLAUTO a month ago on day 87 and the last 3 weeks of her life she slowly turned into a real pale yellow that is the smoothest tasting pot I have grown in a while, strongest too. I was using KindSoil and am now hooked, makes it almost too easy.
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