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    So im new 2 this growing. And well i grew but 2w left in budding i pulled a male..and since i didnt catch it..does this mean the entire crop is in jeopardy. And do male plants grow buds? Also...whats this five leaf to 7 leaf im hearing about differences.

    Hi bustalime and welcome! Male plants DO NOT grow buds. Instead, they grow pollen sacs...lots of them! The pollen sacs open up and release the pollen which knocks up the female plant and produces seeds inside of the calyxes. The males are only good for two things....hemp manufacturing and knocking up females (may be other uses...just not what you are looking for)! If you don't plan on doing either of them, then you want to remove them before the pollen sacs open up and actually release the pollen. Once that happens, it is too late. That crap can fly for miles and impregnate females within a certain range given it is outdoors. Indoors, it leaves the dust everywhere so you will need to clean the heck out of your grow area to make sure none is left over! So to basically answer your first question, your plants are ONLY IN JEOPARDY IF THE POLLEN SACS OPENED UP! However, that only means you will end up with seeds in your final product. Not really all that bad considering you could have had all boys!

    As for the leaves question...when the plant starts growing, it sprouts a pair of leaves on each side as it rises. From there, a pair of 3-blade leaves come up, followed by a pair of 5-blade leaves and finally a pair of 7-blade leaves. If you top a plant with on the pair of 5-blade leaves, you will see two pair of 5-blade leaves come up next to where you cut. From there, the cycle continues to 7-blade leaves. At least that is from my experience growing and topping. If you topped it a 3-blades it would sprout two pair of 3-blades in response. Apart from that, the leaves don't really tell you all that much unless they are damaged. There are a number of instances where you will see leaves with only 4 blades or only 6 blades. I chalk that up to plants being funny like that. I am sure there are others that probably know more on this subject than I and I imagine they will chime in soon.
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