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3stunted plants

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    HELP! 3stunted plants

    i planted 5 white widow feminized auto flower seeds at the same time. 3 are 1/3 the size of the other 2 and only 1 of the other 2 are budding as expected. All 5 had same soil, light and water. What did I do wrong?

    Two have light on... three dont, pot sizes may play a role..


      You just can't see the other light because it is higher to accommodate the 2 larger plants which were repotted because of their growth while the smaller 2 didn't need a larger pot. 3rd one repotted but not as big as the other2. I started all 5 at same time with same everything. That's what I don't understand.


        I'm telling you in the picture you posted I can visibly see that the two larger plants are receiving more light the three smaller ones are shaded at best.. re position the light or maybe move the light cone or add a second light

        only thing that would really explain it is the amount of light they receive.. other options are mislabeled seeds, poor root establishment, or root constriction.

        but if you did everything the same the only two are really light or wrong seed but idk
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