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Harvest Day

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    Harvest Day

    After some preliminary trimming, today is the day for the major cut down on the Lavender 2.
    Set up in a Water Farm May, 5 cut down August 12. GH Trio plus CalMg+. (2) 300 W LED, 5000K.
    These two flowers weigh in at 91 and 85 grams when cut. The plant will yield 450 grams, trimmed, when cut. So I'm guessing about 1/3 that weight when dry,
    ready for curing.

    Awesome buds! Gratz on a good harvest
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    Water Curing Experiment
    My E&F System

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      Thanks. I topped it and kept pH lower than on the first grow. Same everything else, yet got a much better yield and some of these very dense, heavy buds. Stem was also different. First grow the stem was stiff and pithy. This time, also very strong stems but soft, moist when cut.
      These are from clones, not seed. This clone was about 12" tall with nice roots coming through the rock wool when set up.
      Flushed for a week prior to cutting.


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        Beautiful buds, man!

      All done with the cutting, trimming and weighing. Yvonna 7 came in with 436 grams set out to dry. Lavender 2 (Soma) came in at 541 grams.
      Multiply by .3 for dry estimates and it looks like about 4.6 oz of Yvonna and 5.7 oz for Lavender. The latter is quite a surprise as its known for low yield and the lights are (2) $70 LED's off Amazon. Plus a $70 Water Farm , GH Flora series, pH liquids and some incidentals (hardware store clip on fans) and that's the whole set up. The Yvonna has a 315 CMH and Water Farm.
      Now planning Grow #3.
      Many thanks to everybody at GWE for helping out. It would not have turned out this good without the advice and helpful posts.

      Made some Green Dragon yesterday. OMG! Drink 1 oz, wait 15 minutes and the show begins.


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