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Is anyone growing 350w LED and DWC?

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    Is anyone growing 350w LED and DWC?

    Just curious on yields, problems, and anything else involving a DWC grow with LED 350+w (actual draw)?
    Grow and good luck!
    Current grow:
    TBD probably in October or November

    past grows:

    Totally opposite of what you're doing but I'm doing as an experiment it's a single skunk number 1. 5 gallons Strawberry Fields flowering soil 150w HPS 2 by 2 by 5 ⛺ I would have to check the calendar but I think this is the beginning of week 6,. Just as an afterthought if you repost this in about 3 to 4 weeks I'll give you results don't know about actual LED vs. HPS but we can compare good luck. ☮️


      I'm about to harvest my second grow in hydro. One set up uses (2) 300W LED's, 5000K. Cheapos from Amazon that seem to work very well. The other set up uses a 315 CMH.
      I would change to all CMH if I didn't already own the LED's. Heat has to be dealt with using the CMH, but I like what appears to be the penetration and the way the girls responded to it.
      One 300W LED might leave your plant(s) asking for more light. I started with one and wasn't impressed by what I was seeing on the first grow, so I added the second LED and things picked up.
      Good luck.


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        Awesome thx for the feedback, I'm planning on ordering just one 390w (AD) for now!

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