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Worse than before!!

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    HELP! Worse than before!!

    My plant has gotten worse than before. I was told it was nutrient burn...What should I do??? I transplanted two days ago and flushed yesterday and now it looks like it's spreading. It is also growing slower now and the new growth looks as if it's wrinkling up

    If the new growth is coming in twisted you probably have russet mites


    • LovelyJuva
      LovelyJuva commented
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      They are not coming in twisted from what I can tell. Nor are they glossy like infected leaves. She is actually looking a little better today after I added another light. So I don't think she has russet mites. But thanks for responding

    Wht medium r u growing in and wht nutrients


    • St.buds
      St.buds commented
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      It does look like nutrient burn or a pH issue if it's looking better now I wouldn't worry to much just keep nutes down and keep on ph

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