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    Drain Pan

    Trying to put 4-6 plants in a 4x4 area, 2x2 2 times would work. What wre people useing for drain pans. Growing in 5gallon smart pots.


    I use 7qt oil drain pans from Wal-Mart, 1 per plant. I think many use things like boot trays. Another option would be something like the low cut Sterilite tubs you can get 2 in those also like the boot trays.
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      Yeah, i didnt like the single single drain.. It sounds like boot trays are right up my alley, let me search for em. I wanna make sure i raise them enough to break when draining.

      Im trying to fill 3 4x4 area of a 8x8 tent.

      Indavidual pans are a paiin in ass.
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        Here is an old picture with current drain setup..

        Click image for larger version

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