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What is wrong with my plants?! (first time grower)

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    HELP! What is wrong with my plants?! (first time grower)

    Hello All,

    I am a first time grower, growing 3 plants of Northern Lights. I am using 6 CFL bulbs. Right now, I am 7 weeks after switchinng light cycle to 12-12 for flowering.

    My Issue:
    Colas are looking like they are foxtailing. In the images you can see that they are long and skinny (not very dense). The leaves coming off of the buds are 1 finger and look frail.

    The temperature could get up to 85 F max, but usually stays between 70-80 F.

    Could someone please give me advice on what this is and what to do? Is this going to ruin the plants? Or is this due to lack of lights?


    It looks like they are re-vegging. How well sealed is your space? Try giving them more darkness. They need complete darkness, uninterrupted even for a minute, every day. Some varieties are more sensitive, so not even a peak in the closet, or a crack in the floor.


      I think Soil Science might be right , what size pots are those? If your gonna use cfls I don't know what type you have got but if you can you need to get alot more of them an keep them within an inch or two of your plants for your buds to develop right. Tell us some more about your grow ,type soil, nutrients, your water PH.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


        Have you checked the roots? You may have root rot going on. That can cause the leaves to curl or look like yours do. Here is more info on root rot:
        1st Hydro Grow: 600W MH/HPS Homemade Bubbleponics Homemade Cabinet - White Poison (White Widow x Durban Poison) COMPLETE! Final yield: 10.2 ounces off 2 plants. 124 days total from seed (34 days vegetative + 90 days flower)


          Are you using 'warm white' (red light) cfl globes? Or the usual blue that you used in vegging? Could maybe, possibly, perhaps be a potential issue?


            Honestly I agree with daas. I think it's a light issue too. You don't have enough because that plant isn't small. Compared to the cfls anyways. Like he said it needs a lot more for proper bud development. Otherwise they stay scraggly and small. Just my 2 cents..


              Thank you everyone for the responses.

              It is a bubbleponics system. I am using General Hydroponics nutrients + microguard for the roots. The roots look healthy still.

              The closet they're in isn't sealed 100%. I have a tried my best to seal any light coming in, but the door needs to be slightly cracked for all of the cables.

              I am using 6 "warm light" cfl bulbs....I definitely underestimated how large these would get.

              At this point, I'm just trying to get anything out of them.


              • alltatup
                alltatup commented
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                I meant bend them where you can to get them off the lights. I got these suction cups to use with plant ties:

                so I have some of my colas hanging from the ceiling and some from the sides: see my sativa (purp. haze x malawi) grow.

              • IanHale
                IanHale commented
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                Single 84" long black out curtain at Walmart is like $15

                Drape over the cracked door and block the light

                Easy solution for your light leak

              • ellz
                ellz commented
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                Good call IanHale! The Eclipse brand blackout curtains have a thermal barrier on the backs that also help deflect heat. I have a few of them in my house and in my grow room and they really do darken things up a lot and the basic ones (99% light blocked) are around $10-$15. You can even get them on Amazon if you don't want to go to the store for about the same price.

              So, now the leaves at the top are starting to develop yellow/brown spots....It isn't too hot, and I am not over feeding them. If anything, I've slightly reduced the amount of nutrients I give.

              Any idea what is going on here?

              If my buds are fox tailing, with they still have THC in them, or will it be so much underdeveloped that the amount of THC is insignificant?

              Thanks for the help!



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