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    re using coco

    If re using coco after a harvest do you just flush thoughly with PH'd water or is there anything else I need to add for whatever roots are left over

    Yes just flush a couple times with that Ph water, And put all the soil in a wheelbarrow or something and try get big clumps of roots out, small roots are fine, i have reused my coco 2 times now, on 3rd run i never do anything other than the clean out of major roots and the flush. Hope my answer helped


      Agree with Herby. I have read that growers do clean and reuse the coir. Being a newbie useing coco for the first time, I don't have any experience with reusing coir. The thought went through my head, but so did my paranoia and OCD. I figured the cocotek 11lbs was so cheep that I wasn't going to chance me not cleaning it properly so I bought enough for the next grow as well. Guess it's what ever your comfortable with. Good luck growbro👊🏻😎
      5.5x8.5x7. 600w mh/hps. 440fan/carbon filter.
      FF soil/course perlite @25%. FF trio big bloom, grow, tiger bloom. PH w/ nutes@6.5.
      Four Green Crack fem. 7 gallon fiber pots.
      1 PKAF. 1 BCF. In 3 gallon fiber pots.
      Sowed 3-27-17. 12/12 light 5-7-17.
      Harvest PKAF 5-30-17 @ 43 grams
      Harvest one of four GC 7-9-17. Weight at time unknown. Will follow.


        Im pretty new to it coco too, but i asked the same question a year ago lol, found answers and did it i use normal Coco with Perlite about 60/40 is my liking


          I always re-use my coco/perlite mix. I never flush it. I let my old pots dry out, separate the coco from the main root ball, then just mix it into my main coco bucket. Essentially I mix used coco and new coco but on a very ad hoc basis -- sometimes there'll be mostly fresh coco, other times mostly recycled. It seems to work well for me.

          I do use Cannazym which works to break down dead root materials into sugars and micro-nutrients.
          Sand, sea, sun, sausages, and sinsemilla.

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          • Herby
            Herby commented
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            well you flush it before harvest right? The flushing is just to get them extra nutrients out, And most roots turn into nitrogen and stuff but you could do what Brit does and use Cannazym for a better reused soil. Only ever heard things about the cannazym, never seen it in effect.

          • Beach_Town_Brit
            Beach_Town_Brit commented
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            Hi Herby, fair point, I do flush the coir incidentally as I flush the plant in the last week before harvest. Indeed, I usually do 2-3 run-off waterings for my flush week, and I use Florakleen in the first of those.

            I haven't done any comparison grow testing of cannazym myself I'm afraid. I use the full Canna Coco nute and supplement line.

          Thank you guys, I have 3 gorilla glue (fastbuds) a week in peat pots ready to be transferred. I only accounted for 2 with new coco so the 3rd will be transferred to the flushed coco I used for my GSC.
          I emptied the medium into the bath and removed any root mass I could find, re potted the coco/perlite medium and soaked with minimal root stimulant and ph'd water.
          I could record results on here if anybody's interested ?

          veg room - 180W CFL (4x45W) w/reflector
          flower room - 400W HPS dual spec w/reflector
          11ltr Airpots
          Plant Magic Grow&Bloom Coco nutrients


          • StoneyTony
            StoneyTony commented
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            Instead of planting 2 plant in new coco and 1 in used... you could mix the coco to dilute the old stuff evenly with all 3..... just a though.

          My last grow, my fifth, was an indoor grow of a sativa (Skunk #1 from Seedman). It got taller than my previous indica grows and got pretty close to the lights. I could tell that there was something wrong due to the color of the leaves but I wasn’t sure if it was light burn or chemical burn from my 5X used coco coir. I felt like I was thoroughly flushing the coco after each grow but maybe it was too chemically hot. (Browning of the leaves didn’t occur until it was well into flowering). What do you think?


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