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    First grow.


    First time here, alot of good information thanks in advance.

    Starting my first grow, I am limited to 6 plants indoor.

    Right now i have an 8x8 gorilla tent and 2 900 watt led lights. I will be starting seeds seeds.

    Looking for advice on what to grow in, dirt or hydro.

    I chose the seeds below based on high thc and high yields from what i read, Thoughts?

    I have a great basement to grow in, 10 foot cielings and tons of space.

    Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

    Moonshine Haze x Ghost Train Haze #1 Feminized Seeds Pack Size 6 Seeds RARE-MOONSHINE-HAZE-GTH#1-FEM#16-6 Seeds
    Royal Domina Feminized Seeds Pack Size 5 Seeds RQS-ROYAL-DOMINA-FEM#16-5

    Growing medium is kinda a personal preference but I personally love coco coir dnt think I would change it unless a hydro grower made some real good points to me. Just my opinion good luck


      🌱 I second coco. I feel like it's the easiest to get started with, and if you use it you can easily switch to either soil or hydro next, because it's sort of halfway between the two. Coco grows faster than soil but is easier than hydro for most people since you're just watering your plants like normal instead of growing with the roots in the water. But it's a personal preference and they all work great! 🌱
      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Poof!


        I third Coco and perlite mix, easy to use, easy to maintain.
        You're killing me Smalls!


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