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Hermaphrodite? C99 Mid-Flower - Is this a male seed pod?

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    COCO COIR Hermaphrodite? C99 Mid-Flower - Is this a male seed pod?

    Hi, was just examining my plant 3rd week of flower, after defoliation, and noticed these things circled in RED. Are these signs of my girl turning into a hermaphrodite? If so, should I just pluck those pods off?

    Please help. I'll try and take better pictures if you all can't tell.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2017-06-21 C99 Mother - Male - Maybe 1.JPG
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Name:	2017-06-21 C99 Mother - Male - Maybe 2.JPG
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    Those a called preflowers. Seedbracks or calyxes that swollen at the base of each node


      This is an hermaphrodite
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2061.JPG
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Name:	IMG_2060.JPG
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      • Lotusyde
        Lotusyde commented
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        This is the male picture i was referencing.

      Correct, however to clarify in the picture you've posted 9fingerleafs it's a full on male, that may have hermied into such from what was thought to be a female initially. Also with light leaks they can still hermie while still producing seed ridden buds. You'll notice a small yellowish white flower that opens from the small stem I mentioned. If that little flower/pollen pod opens, it will pollinate your plants. This can also be caused by left over pollen and not just light leaks or stress.


      • Minoo96
        Minoo96 commented
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        Aggressive eh? 9finger, when someone talk aggressive like that, ignore it. Lotusyde, perhaps a little bit more humility would be good. Don't you know we always learn new things over a life time? I ain't pro, i'm a big newbie, but this concept works for everything, especially something as growing plants/vegetables. You have a right to have your own opinion, but don't force it on others please.

        I clearly see pistils on the top of the plant. That was a female that turned male. If I understand correctly what you said, you don't disagree isn't it? You said any female can turn into a male " A plant can hermie in all stages and if it did so the early then it pretty much a male because it's genetics were weak". Then what's the argument about?

      • OzBud
        OzBud commented
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        only just read this otherwise I would have commented sooner.

        mate, talking down to someone over their choice of lighting is pretty low. Everyone's situation is different, everyone has different budgets and yield requirements. If someone gets enough stash from their grow, no matter how cheap or substandard it may be it's still a win for the grower.

      • NebulaHaze
        NebulaHaze commented
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        Hey everyone, that user is gone, thanks to everyone who reported them!

      Lotusyde & 9fingerleafs Thank you all for your insights and pictures. It's all cool. I will continue watching to see what happens. But I think I'm ok so far...... Please don't get mad at each other...... It really is all cool. Thanks!


        The first pic, definitely female. Some of the others are a little questionable, but it's hard to see, I feel like I also see pistils. If you're noticing more than two of the pre-flowers and no pistils yet, I would start watching very closely.

        Sometimes you have male pollen sacs appear above the buds. This is a hermaphrodite plant that shows both male and female pre-flowers in the same bud site. The male and female flowers grow very similarly in shape, though some are producing pollen while others are producing pistils. The plant is confused.

        This "male" cannabis plant with pistils is actually a hermaphrodite (hermie) marijuana plant
        Sometimes you also have female preflowers that look male, because each strain has different looking pre-flowers. This preflower is surprisingly a female plant, the preflower opened up with a pistil and all the calyxes grew in like that. No hermies in the end.

        Female Pre-Flower
        Female cannabis pre-flowers - the green stipules are crossed, which is a small sign that this plant might be a girl
        But here is a male plant, with preflowers that look very similar, though slightly more spade shaped and more narrow at the base. Female preflowers tend to be pointy at the top, with a fat base that attaches directly to the stem (not on a little stem, like many male pre-flowers). Whenever in doubt, it's better to wait since sometimes you'll be surprised!

        Male Pre-Flower
        A single pollen sac pre-flower on a male marijuana plant

        Male pre-flowers tend to be "spade" shaped

        Here are more pics of female pre-flowers and hermie plants if you want to check them out!


        • Minoo96
          Minoo96 commented
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          Now, that's a clear reply, for a noob like me at least. Thank you Nebula.

        Thank you so much NebulaHaze !!! I can confirm now that it is not hermie-ing. (If that's even a word!!!)


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