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Hermaphrodite hermie???

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    Hermaphrodite hermie???

    Hi, my plants are 6 weeks into flower and I had to leave them for ten days unexpectedly. I set up irrigation systems but not all worked so two out of three plants were pretty dry when I got back today.

    I looked under buds and leaves to see if everything ok and I noticed a couple of these round things at the bottom of bud sites near stem growths. I don't know if they were already there becausse I don't always get up close and inspect like I have.

    Do you think the trauma of them getting so thirsty has caused them to turn hermie?

    The buds are huge and are close to harvest, any ideas what to do if they have turned?

    Thanks everyone.

    Hey wwgrower,
    From the pic I see pistils and calyxes.
    if it is growing pistils out of the little ball (calyxes) you should be ok. The calyxes swell towards the end of flowing, and if your so close to your harvest time hold on and ride it out, if you are concerned about pollution of other flowering plants just move them to another room.

    hope this helps.
    I like to help doesn't mean Im qualified.

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      Being this close to harvest, I would just finish as normal. But then, hermies don't worry me too much. I am old school, when everything had seeds and it smoked smooth and sweet.
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        Those are swollen calyxes called preflowers. Nothing to be worried about
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