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NL Auto - Day 15 - Start LST?

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    NL Auto - Day 15 - Start LST?

    At day 15 from seed breaking the surface. In 3 gallon smart pots with happy frog soil. Each plant is under its own MarsHydro 300 LED. Do they look ok? If so, when should I start LST and from which bramches?
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    Wasn't going to top..lots of mixed indo in that for autos, was just thinking LST to increase yield, but they looked a little short to start so I figured I'd ask. Growth looks OK for day 15?


      D.A.A.S.69 ..thought this might interest you...


        Hi Rydin

        I'm with Jeg and the #automechanics ... autos love to be topped

        This said, if you want to do just LST then you will want to start by bending over your main stem, ideally 90 degrees. You should do this in the next week if you can, you don't want that stem to get woody. There are a variety of ways to hold the plant down but making little staples out of gardening wire seems to be a very popular approach around these parts.

        Once your main stem is horizontal you may want to spread your side stems out towards the edges of the pot, tying them how as you go.
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          Hey Rydin Just like BTB says above its easy ,have they grown any since the last pictures? If not much wait a couple of days. You need to get some diaper pins or either punch holes in your pots, I use pins, then anchor your plant down on one side to a pin then bend it over about 95 degrees an stick your wire down in your soil so it will stay there. It's easy, just take your time.You got any recent pictures?Bend her the opposite side of where she's anchored, it keeps from messing up roots
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          Cfls for a week or two
          315lec for everything else
          Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
          36x36x63 inch tent.
          6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
          Smart pots


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