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    I flushed it out tonight. We'll see, but I think it will be stone dead by tomorrow.

    It was dying faster than if I was using weed killer on it.

    It's amazing how fast these things croak!
    First-time California outdoor medical backyard grower -- Aurora Indica Feminized plants in soil.


    • alltatup
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      600m I'm really sorry you lost all your plants!! I kinda skimmed through the other info, so you weren't checking the pH in and out? This is a total mystery to me (a hydro grower). But get back with it and try again!!

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    If it's dying rapidly, you're doing something wrong with technique or set up. It's a weed. It's not supposed to croak quickly. I actually find that the plant is very adaptable and can thrive even with a certain level of neglect.

    When you go to flush, does the water puddle at the top for a while or does it quickly get absorbed and soon after drains from the bottom?

    Do you have perlite and soil handy? If it's an option, re-pot immediately into a soil with some 40% perlite. Judging from your soil, your roots are being choked off due to lack of aeration. I had growth issues early in my grow until I learned how to properly prep my soil. A re-pot later and I'm in week 7 now of flowering with beautiful girls.

    Good luck dude.


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      I'm sure it feels like you're being bombarded with questions -- on top of the stress of your plants dying -- but we only want to get to the bottom of the problem so you can have a successful grow.

      I can't help but wonder if you have a drainage problem. Did you add perlite before planting or is it just the planting soil/potting soil mix you mentioned earlier in the thread? And what kind of drainage does the pot have? A decent number of holes in the bottom? If not, and with little or no perlite, the roots at the bottom of the pot could be drowning while the soil up higher feels dry. That might explain the plant taking a turn for the worse after thriving for so long, if moisture was building up.

      This sucks.
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        I ran about fifteen gallons of water through it last night and left it for dead.

        Remarkably, it's perked up today and showing strong new growth, though it's pretty pale compared to its previous rich green. The entire plant looked dead and was dropping leaves last night.

        It looks like it might survive after all, but that color is pretty weak (the newer growth under the leaves looks pretty green, though). Note that the digital processing in these pictures makes it a little greener than it is.

        Re Perlite, I added some to the existing amount in the original mix. but I was displeased with it: It was really pricey, it was some cooked-up stuff from Miracle-Gro with chemicals in it and half of the bag was just nothing but white dust. If there's a better plan for that, let me know.

        Anyway, what next? I don't think I'd better try repotting it this soon after the trauma and should wait a few days. Should I give it some fertilizer in the meantime, or what?
        First-time California outdoor medical backyard grower -- Aurora Indica Feminized plants in soil.


        • Aloner
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          I feel like we're living the cannabis farmer version of one of those cliche emergency room drama scenes. "Get the paddles ready!"

          Fuckin' Miracle Gro! Why do they have to put their crap in everything?! I would think you'd be able to get your hands on some plain perlite at a local garden or hardware store that's just plain crushed rock.

          It's encouraging that she perked up from the flushing. I'm sorry but I'm useless re: fertilizer/nutes -- I'm only on my first grow and I'm using Kind Soil, which is just a "set it and forget it" kinda deal. Since she already bounced back from just plain water, I'd be inclined to say skip the fertilizer for the time being and see where she goes from here (monitoring carefully, of course).

          Hopefully someone with more experience than I have will speak up. Too bad the majority on GWE seems to be hydro growers (nothing against hydro, of course).

        • Mr.furley
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          Did you check your run off PH? PH would be my next priority and root aeration.

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        That is awesome! Nice job sticking it out. I still recommend re-potting with a known good potting soil with perlite and a container with good drainage. You need to make sure you get straight up perlite with no additives. As for nutrients, something like FF Ocean Forest is pretty hot and the plant is mature so it would buy you some time to just go straight to a fairly hot soil and let it acclimate. Then, start building nutrients up using a known good system like GH Floratrio or FF Trio. As for how long to wait to re-pot, that is a tough call. You definitely don't want to shock it, but it is possible that you sort of washed the problem away and it could return if it's related to your soil and poor drainage. Good luck and keep us posted. Nice Save!
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          These look like what I saw my outside plant go through for almost two weeks. The drooping while maintaining a decent color it seemed, then the lower leaves were turning yellow, dying. I had been over-watering I believe. Left 'em alone four 7 days in a nice climate and got a water meter. Watering is strict now and the meter helps me monitor the situation.


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            Well, it's bouncing back...HARD!

            I'll take some pictures tomorrow.

            I haven't yet repotted it, as I thought I'd at least wait until it was through its crisis. In the meantime, it's taken up the fertilizer I gave it and is throwing out new growth in rich green, even down at the nearly-dead lowest branches.
            First-time California outdoor medical backyard grower -- Aurora Indica Feminized plants in soil.


            • ellz
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