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how to clone? Need some help

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  • how to clone? Need some help

    First time cloneing have some questions on how exactly to cut them how many nodes? Where to make cut? How far to but compound on the stem ? And just any techniques that u use or advice thanks. I have jiffy pellets and those cube things forgot what there called look like fiber wrapsd in paper. Rooting compounds - Clonex rooting gel , olivias cloning solution , vita grow rooting compound liquid , and hormex rooting powder no. 3 thanks.

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    I have never cloned but found this tutorial on GWE
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      hey AZ here's what I do cut the stem with snippers at around 4 inches can be shorter and stick it in water with clonex solution in it .After you are done cutting clones then get your tray ready I use root riots instead of those little cubes but thats just me. I take my first clone and recut it at a 45% angle about 1/2 inch below a node with a razor blade not snippers then you scrape the outside of the plant off (BE VERY CAREFUL HERE) you don't want to cut to deep just scrape the hard outside edge off, then I dip it into conex gel ( I put up to an inch of gel on it) and stick it in a root riot . this is why I like root riots they will support the clone while its growing roots. after you are done with all the clones then I spray them with clonex solution water . I spray mine 3 or 4 times a day and in about 14 days you will have viable plants hope this helps. I did a write up on it in one of my posts but if you have more questions just ask
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        Haha that's helped alot i just went ahead an did 8 clones just to try it out and i didnt scrape it thats the part i mis understood i was wondering why my clones haven't done anything yet. Anni got a scalpel for doing the cuts. How far do u scrape the outside up just wherewver i want it to take root ? And since thse werent scraped can i scrape em and re do the gell or is it already messesed up N i should just cut new ones? Thanks for the help. An hey im getting a 600 watt hps mh light in 2 days an was wondering how far the light should be


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          AZ you can try scaping them but I don't know if you can take more then I would do that .I scrape about an inch and if you can scrape over a node its even better not sure of light distance .I use a lux meter to adjust my hps but they will love it. It should give you a starting point
          argo max tent ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . current grow gorilla glue 14th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s


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            Well im holding off on the clones for now im going to try an clone my gurilla glues when its time. But the hps... Man what a wolrd of a difference from the cfls the plants are loving it !! Need to get a higher cfm fan for the cooltube tho.


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              🌱 I've always been taught to cut bigger clones (like 2-3 nodes and 5-7 inches long) then removed bottom leaves and trim the top leaves so they don't have a lot of leaf mass. I heard they tend to grow faster in the beginning if they start out longer. I'm just curious, have you found any difference from cutting 4 inch clones? When I tried cloning the first time, I cut them short like that, and they never rooted. But it could have been a bunch of things since I was new, had no clue what I was doing, and was using CFLs. The next time I cloned was a year later and I took longer ones and rooted them under an HPS (used Clonex, cut the stems at an angle and scraped the cut side, then put in Rapid Rooters under a vented 7" dome) and all rooted in a week! 🌱
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                They didnt root for me but it was my first try. No cloning for me untill my gorilla glue whitw widow an fem ice breaker are ready to be cloned little seedling still


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