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    My girls are about a week old in the tray in root riots.... and look nice. I am getting ready to transplant into their 5gal DWC....I am letting the water sit for about 3 days .....Just wondering with them so young and Fem Autos do I add Nutes and Hydrogaurd and then PH....?....and in what order.....?Tent, 600 watt lights exhaust and fans....

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    I balance the water pH first then add the nutrients and balance it again if needed. I would look at the directions, on your nutrients, to see if they have any particular order in which they need to be applied. The GH feeding schedule shows that, if you sue their Cal Mag and Armor Si together, they should be put in in a certain order. Keep the nutrient levels on the low side until they grow a bit, at a young age they are more susceptible to damage from over feeding and pH swings.
    Good luck on your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      Thanks i should feed right away....?


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        I give my DWC plants seedling-strength nutrients immediately. They seem to grow faster with nutrients from the beginning than if you wait until they get their first real leaves to give nutrients. Check your nutrient bottles to see if they have any instructions on a specific order (for example with the General Hydroponics trio you need to add the "Micro" nutrient to the water first, then add the others).

        In general you want to add the nutrients and supplements first, then pH the water. The idea is the plants need to receive water at the correct pH, so you want to make sure you adjust the pH right before you give them the water. If you're going to let the water sit, I'd put a teaspoon of Hydroguard in there just so the good bacteria can start colonizing the water ahead of time!


        • William and Sue Ashley
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          Thanks Nebula......I am going to get them started.....

        • stoner87
          stoner87 commented
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          So how much hydroguard do you add to the nutrients? Or do you add the hydroguard directly into reservoir?

        • NebulaHaze
          NebulaHaze commented
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          Add 1 tsp/gallon of Hydroguard to the water after you've already added nutrients. Never add any directly to the nutrients.

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