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My first but not the last

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  • My first but not the last

    nono first pic first post thank yall i can learn alot from your posts
    Cali Dream, First time grower, LST dose it look ok or do I need to make changes week later

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    Welcome! Looks like you're off to a great start!
    My first grow
    Nirvana ♀ Northern Light photo
    Kind Soil/Roots Organic Original
    5 gal. Smart Pots


    • nono
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      Thanks is there anything i can do to improve

    • Aloner
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      Looks like you've got everything well in hand. I'm only on my first grow -- maybe someone with more experience will see something I don't. Oh, and Sammy speaks the truth in the comment below!

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    Welcome to The Forum great-looking start, patience goes a long way and remember to check your pH coming in and going out. You can never do enough research and reading lots and lots of valuable information☮️


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      Agreed, nice job and they look great. My tip is regarding containers. Need good drainage to grow weed. It doesn't look like your containers have drain holes but they should. You could transplant to containers with drainage and add some perlite to good cannabis friendly potting soil. Lots of great basic info on the GWE website.
      4X4 Gorilla with Solar Storm 440 LED. Coco / perlite, 5 Gallon fabric containers. LST, Manifold, scrog. Grows to date all Indica Dominant Hybrids

      Current Grow Journal Here -->> (AK 48, Wonder Woman, Master Kush)


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        Hi nono, welcome to the forum! I agree with Sheesh: my first thought was, He's gonna need much bigger containers. Check out the smart pots everyone's using. Yeah: if you want happy roots (which you DO), gotta have good drainage!!
        Joined: 10-31-2016
        DWC/Hydroponic grow box 26" x 36",
        400 watt MH/HPS lights
        ActiveAqua chiller 1/10 hp
        Current grow:


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          I transplanted to a five gal bucket with pllenty drain holes and added perlite now what exactily do perlite do for your plant


          • Aloner
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            Helps with drainage so your roots get enough get oxygen and don't drown or rot.

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