Hello, my great teacher nebula; please allow me to call you like this! My biggest question: the lowest lux data for the bottom bud position
Because of the difference in lighting; I want to know, plants in the 12/12 stage, the position of the bottom buds with LUX measuring instrument to measure the light level; at least what data (XX lux) need to be reached; in order to continue to grow effective flowers! This is very important! I am a beginner; I now know that the light energy during flowering determines the final yield; so I need a valid number (bottom bud position ~ lux can not be lower than how much data). If I know this data, I can train my plant accurately. ! But unfortunately; I have been looking for a website for a long time; there is no value for this! I am currently using LEC630+LEC315; I don't know if my description is detailed because of language restrictions; I hope my question can get the answer! Thank you