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    hey! i was browsing the chicago sunnysides and saw this- the River North one!

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  • Puglover1
    I was just looking at Canuck's auto thread, again. He cuts off lower fans when there's new growth, to tie down and he just removed a set to make space on a tight stem. Until mine grew it was hard to understand. Did BU2B send you a PM with his current grow's pics? How are those "hook" s/s tie downs you got? Do they stay in the dirt well? They seem better for my tight-noded gals but would work well on Chewy. Amazon or local? Thanks!

  • Puglover1
    Oh Yeah, I've bought mag concentrate before, I decarbed and thinned it a bit and put it into vape carts. Almost half price. Gosh, I love that strain. Folks here last year didn't appreciate my desire to clone it, they've never smoked nor grown it. I wanted to keep a mother going but I needed advice and it was during a bad part of the virus here. Curaleaf Morris just sent a text, I haven't looked at their nor Ottawa's menus/deals for a month. Think about using this to make gummies, makes me want to spring for some. I need to get some lecithin but it works without. I have molds, Knox, Jello, small basters and a syringe for injecting flavoring into meat - just need some oil. When I was at the vet yesterday I should've stopped at this place by a strip club, Brown Bag, in Ottawa on Rt 71 just off I-80. They have all the stoner accessories and devices, (and dildos, etc, lol) they might know someone who could press my best buds. When I was at Ottawa dispo one day a couple of years ago one of the owners was offering to make cannabutter for a medical patient.
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