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How to train plants for bigger yields without any "techniques"

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    First I'd like to welcome you to the family. And let you know you have chosen a great place to obtain insightful knowledge from a great bunch of folks. You can learn as much as you want talking to the individuals on this site and the site itself is top notch full of knowledge. Happy Growing.
    Now as far as your question goes, as for me I only use CFL's for germination light and a bit of heat and early stage growth only long enough to get my girls big and old enough to place beneath my 600 watt HID's. I don't use CFL's for my entire grow so I'm not the one to speak with on this subject. You should read some of the tutorials and check out the site on different styles of grows, HID,CFL,T5,LED etc...
    Try this Link


      I’m curious as to the light footprint you would need for a single plant in the manifold configuration; I am contemplating a 30x30” tent with a 315 CMH. At 52w/sq.ft that should be plenty of light, but will the plant have enough room?

      Same question with regard to a fluxed plant: would it need a larger tent/box?


        I'm doing it this way. no trouble for now


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