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    It seems there's a file size limit for me. The error message is just plain empty "error" or something like that. I'm uploading pics taken with the Camera+ paid app on iPhone 8 Plus. Around 7mb pictures it uploads but the larger macro pics which are around 9-12mb cause the error. Tried uploading the larger pics from my pc, the same problem.
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      JPEG format

    I just posted 5 pics and didn't have any trouble?


      Everything has been working great till today. I tried to upload photos for a update post and keep getting an error message. Can you help me with this please? Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am posting my pics with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A by Android version 7.1.1
      Browser: Google
      Always used the first way, tap camera icon, tap upload, tap the camera, take pic, tap ok and most of the time it will let me post the 1st pic but after that one try to post more and get a pop up box saying error uploading image.
      If you can help me with this I would really appreciate it, thank you.
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        Hi, been having trouble for a while. It worked a couple of months ago but now stopped again. I've tried all 3 methods with no success. Method 1 I get a message telling me the file size exceeds maximum resize limit. Method 2 I get a message saying unknown error. Method 3 tells me PHP Max post size limit has been exceeded.

        I'm using a Huawei P20 operating android 10 and trying to post using Chrome. Any help greatly appreciated!


          Does anyone here know whether or not photos posted to this forum are scrubbed of metadata, especially geotagging info?
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            Geotagging data is automatically removed from any photos posted up here. I am not sure of metadata. Anyways I prefer using imageoptim; it removes metadata and everything. Hope it helps.

          I ended up deleting some photos I had posted here, due to the geotagging worry. Now that I've turned off the metadata feature in my cameras, the site doesn't seem to want to upload...
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            I don't know how come? I face issue of resizing image even if it is in limits. I just simply reduced the highest pixels to 3K and seems to work. I face this in dslrs not for phone camera.

          Hello all , I'm all new to this great site. I am getting it all together to start showing my beautiful girls. My ? Is and might sound silly but if I'm using my phone do I send them to grow weed easy. Com / forum . Thank you for answering , greatly appreciate it . Thank you


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