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  • HELP! Vertical Grow

    Hello guys, i am here to ask you help, i am planning finally grow my own weed , but i got some space problens.
    I already bought lights, 130x individual 3w leds = 390 watts of led light on different frequences, i am planning to build my own tent (Custom and low price), i got 0,84m² and dimesions are 0,60x1,40x2,30.
    As you can see my yield would be committed by my space, so i was planning to build a vertical grow on the wall, please guys any help is welcome, tell me some system that work as well.

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    Here some pics of my space, need to be clean up!!!


    • alltatup
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      Hello Edier, welcome to the forum!! I can't answer your questions but I am wondering how you are planning to get air circulation in that space?

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    I am planning to build a exhausting System pushing the hot air to the hoof. I think i just need around of 50g/month


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      Howdy Edier1,
      I have my grow space (currently on grow #6) in a close the is 72 in. (1.83M) wide by 23 in. (.58M) deep and 84 in. (2.13M) tall, literally a closet. The biggest problem with a small space, is getting access to the plant(s) for maintenance, watering, pruning, and adjusting the lights. Here's a photo of my setup, just in case You can get some ideas for your setup.
      Good luck with your grow.
      I almost forgot, I grow in two 6 gallon DWC reservoirs with 220 watt CFL lamps for each reservoir and the last two grows netted about 7-8 oz. each grow.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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