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Dirt takes to long to dry

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    Dirt takes to long to dry

    This post was delete for a period of time not deside yet
    Last edited by Maximemaxe; 10-14-2017, 11:16 PM.

    Hi max,
    how much and how often do you water? What size holes do you have in it? Have you elevated your buckets so air flows under? Thought about increasing the hole size? Roots like air so maybe drill hole all the way around the bucket up 3/4 the way to the top. Maybe none of the above, maybe all of the above. Temperature and humidity can be a factor to
    hope this helps
    I like to help doesn't mean Im qualified.

    cfl for seedlings and cloning
    400 watt mh vegging
    600 watt hps flowering
    60/40 coco/perlite in 5 gal. Geo pots
    Fox Farm: Cal Mag: Silica:

    Current problem.

    past grows:


      Little plants and big pots are difficult to water correctly don't know what size plants are in your pots but if they're real small you need not water that much possibly even transplanting to smaller pot might help good luck


        The biggest factor would be the size of your plant. A fast growing, large plant would drink MUCH more than a tiny one which doesn't have much roots yet.
        That being said, Promix especially if you added perlite should drain FAST. Actually too fast for my taste almost, especially when you grow with it outdoors in heat.


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