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  • Drying Question?

    everytime I dry and cure. My bud has no taste or smell?
    I hang them for 2-3 days on the first day I use a dehumidifier to keep the humid at 40-50 for 12-16hours then I close it. Once the stick snaps I cut them and put in a bag for 18hours and I put them in a rack for another 2 days. What am I doing wrong?
    Sorry for my broken English

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    AsCe.... Don't put them in a bag. Use mason jars after they're dry for curing. Open the jars a couple times a day for 10-15 min. As far as smell goes sometimes I'll crack some of the buds to let the aroma float in the jar. Just something that I do but I'm sure you'll get a few more ideas on here. Hope this is helpful.


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      Hello AsCe, could you show some pictures of the buds? Do you always grow the same strain?
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        Read Nebulas articles on drying and cureing to learn how. Your way no wonder why they don't smell or taste good.


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