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chould i use a cheap led light for harvesting

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    chould i use a cheap led light for harvesting

    I went out and bought some cheap led lights for my set up. I cant find any details on these light and so far they have been growing the plant great but should I us them for the harvesting stage or should I put another light with it or switch out the light completely

    Greenpumpkinking... I've never used led's before so I can't say anything good or bad about them. I use T5 bulbs for 3 weeks from seed. After that I use a Super HPS and the T5s. I use the T5s with the HPS to change the spectrum a little as HPS is more for flowering. Anyways I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. So if you use something cheap well you may get the same results. I'm not saying go buy a expensive set up but I would definitely recommend getting a decent light for you babies. They will thank you in the end.

    check out this link. It will give you some ideas.


      I've been using a dinky LED (9W) for veg and while things are going okay I know I could use more. My setup is pretty limited by space and resources so all I have now is a 24W LED for later...but that's probably not gonna be enough.


        Well I have just started the veg with the led lights and ima see how it goes despite everything just gonna have a little fun and test them out


          My first grow started out as a fun experiment and I got rockstar buds out of it, though my yields could've been better. So long as you have no expectations, have a blast. You'll learn a thing or two.

          Now if you're trying to be serious, are your leds meant for growing? How many spectrums do they have? I'm currently using Viparspectra's 600W leds and they're inexpensive compared to most of the fancy led brands while providing equal features and output.


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            I would like something out of them but not to worried about it many more to come. The lights are 2-1 red blue equivalent to 20w per light have two in there and when bought they where only sold for growing and they work amazing for the first 3weeks so may just keep going with them and have fun

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