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Yellow centers.

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  • Yellow centers.

    Strange sequence o events last night.

    I grow autos under platinum p900 lights. The ladies are about 30 days old

    Last night

    I added the Bloom light about 16 hours ago,

    I lipped a breaker and lights were out for around 12 hours

    And, i turned the CO2 rom 800 ppm to 1400

    I woke up and all my plants had the bright yellow centers, I read the symptoms here could be iron deficient. I dont think thats the issue, i water at around 6.5 and all the plants not just theese 4 have same issues.

    They were so happy and healthy beforre change of events.

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    Hi Player, Certainly an iron deficiency isn't going to suddenly appear overnight on a bunch of plants. I'm a hydro grower, so I have no expertise in your issues, but I would still suggest returning all conditions EXCEPT for the light to the way they were before. Maybe you went up on the CO2 too fast? Is that possible?
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      Im wondering if lights off that long could of done it?


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        How close is your light? Maybe early stage light burn? You said you added the bloom light - is it a lot brighter/closer to the plant tops? Just a thought. Good luck!


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