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First grow, plants look sick need help

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  • HYDRO First grow, plants look sick need help

    I am needing some help as to what could be going on with my plants and any suggestions. This is my first grow, and I have 3 hydroponic plants. 1 corn plant, and 2 OGxAmnesia Haze.
    My set up: (2) 300w viparspectra v300 LEDs
    (I had the lights 12" before yesterday, and I moved them between 18-20" since yesterday.
    ventech inline 6" carbon filter
    2.5ft x 2.5ft x 5ft grow tent
    74-81 degrees Fahrenheit during the day
    Im using coco coir, and perlite as my mix
    and using General Hydroponics for my nutrients(all 3)
    I've had these plants for 4days so far, I ended up taking care of them. I received them with little damage, and the plants looked like they have been put through a bit of stress. I have been giving them a cycle of 18hours light and 6 hours off. The 2 OG Plants were transplanted into 5 gallon pots, and watered with nutrients, ph around 6.3-6.7 and placed back in tent, but they seem to have got droopy, and they have pale white leaves and light pale green leaves on 2 of the plants. The edges and tips of many leaves crispy and dried up. I was keeping the LEDs 12-14" from the plants, but moved them to 18-20" away now incase it is light burn that's causing my problem. Hope my set up and pics help explain what's going on with my females. Any suggestions on how to get them healthy again?
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    Howdy Sergdaplug, and welcome to the forum. I am on my sixth DWC grow and do not use the coco coir but from what I under stand, the pH levels should be lower, they should be from 5.5 to 6.5 and the water temperature (as important as air temperature) should be between 63° and 70° F (17°-21°C). I use the GH Maxi series with some of their supplements. I completely drain and feed once a week and top off the reservoirs at mid week with only pH'ed water.
    Good luck with Your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      Thank you. I'll check that PH again and see if it was right. Would I need to buy a water cooling system, or water chiller? Or is it possible without it. I also dropped the tent temp to 73-74 degrees Fahrenheit(lights on). This grow Is in a huge walk in closet, door open, keeping my place 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so the closet doesn't get hot. DW2


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        The air temperature sounds OK to me. I use ice bottles to cool my reservoirs.

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      This is a coincidence! My grow is in a closet as well, 6 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep, and 8 ft. tall. I keep the temperature of my reservoirs (10 gallon Sterilities) down by wraping the bottoms with bubble wrap for insulation (other stuff will work as well) and using ice bottles directly in the reservoirs. The A/C in the house is set to 80° F and with the ice bottles changed out as needed, I can keep the temperature down below 72° F (growing temperature for brown algae).Here is a couple of photos of my set up (last grow).
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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        Wow, don't want to be a bummer but it looks like you have a lot of issues. If you want to work at it and try to save these girls then IMHO _ you should flush the heck out of them_ because there appears to be a substantial nutrient lockout going on. Flush them well with water at PH of 6.0 until you get runout at 5.8-6.0. Then once thats stable introduce a nutrient trio at half strength and see how they do after a few days. Its gonna be difficult because its going to be a while until they can begin to recover. Raise your lights to at least 24 if not 30 inches_ that should give them enough light to recover without stressing them. I grow in a large bifold closet to_ 9' x 3' and 8.5' tall_ with 3 fans and a window and door I can open for fresh air and to keep temps in the right range.
        If you're lucky and the problem isn't nutrient lockout but rather too much light and/or heat then they might recover quicker once thats corrected. Light burn and magnesium deficiencies can look similar.
        Hope that helps and best wishes for a fast recovery!
        PS: with the coco medium you must supplement with additional calcium and magnesium (CalMag)_ as well as adding other essential nutrients. Remember the coco and perlite will do nothing to feed your plants.
        You have to do that for them.
        They are your babies and you must make sure they get what they need!


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          Thank you guys for the input and suggestions. I went ahead game them a few days to recover from transplant shock, and any over watering that they went through before they came to me. The leaves seem to have started to gain color back and softness. I also went ahead and bought a humidifier to start dropping the humidity. Prob get them to flower so I can get them out the tent, and start 3 new OGxAmnesia Haze from seeds


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