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Growth Slowed, Leafs curling in assortment :/

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    HYDRO Growth Slowed, Leafs curling in assortment :/

    Strain: Papaya Feminized
    System: Recirculating Deep Water Culture (3 11.25 gallon coolers)
    Lights: Kind LED 300 (2x but only one on at current) 25" above canopy
    Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Trio (Currently at 60ml (each Micro, Grow, Bloom) in 27 gallons) Also running Hyrdogaurd 2ml per gallon as directed.
    Girls were seeded in rockwool, placed in netpots with hyrdoton.

    Been trying to get a hold of this problem for a few days, everything was going pretty well then I started to notice some slowed growth leaves curling and some minor spotting. Some of the leafs want to curl down like a claw, others are doing like a canoe that has capsized. Minimal spotting in random places. Also the new growth seems twisted and...not good looking
    My numbers appear good-75-78 degrees, 45-58%RH, the water temps stay around 64-70, PH has been fairly stable at 6.5 and ec around .7 (reads 1.3 but using tap water starting at .6)
    Any insight would be appreciated.
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    🌱 In hydro you want the pH to be between 5.5-6.5 so keeping it at 6.5 is actually pretty high. That being said, it doesn't really look like a nutrient deficiency to me, which is what the incorrect pH would cause. Actually, overall your plants look really good to me!

    Is there a fan blowing directly on the curled leaves? It looks a little like wind burn. Do you feel like the plants are dark green overall, as a Nitrogen toxicity can cause some curling/clawing.

    Does it seem to affect the leaves closest to the LED? I know your LED is already two feet away, but I know certain plants are really sensitive to light levels, and those Kind LEDs are some of the strongest LEDs there are!

    What are you using for an air pump/air stone? Do you have a lot of bubbles in the reservoir? Do your roots appear brown or twisted?🌱
    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Poof!


      First off, thanks so much for your thorough reply
      For aeration I use a ecoair3 (1030gph) split into two long airstones that put out a large amount of air. The water is constantly being recirculated between the three coolers using eco396 submersible pump but its used as a inline pump. Roots are nice and white save for what I believe is only some nutrient stain form the Flora Micro, I would get pics but they are sleeping.
      Wind burn may be the culprit, I did think of that three or four days ago, and turned the fan to bounce the air off the tent. ( I am aware however that in the pic its facing forward, but I was in the midst of morning reconfiguration.
      Maybe I am just being hyper vigilant but I feel like the new growth is just twisted..sorta like what I have seen labeled as Boron deficiency but am not convinced it to be the case.
      Considering a drain and change out. Been about 9 days.
      Bonus question, is it a good idea to bring PH down that much at once? Should I do it slowly?


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