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Soil ph won't go down despite water ph adjustments

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    Soil ph won't go down despite water ph adjustments

    I am growing two plants in Roots Organics soil. Despite using GH Ph Up and Down to adjust the ph of my water (typically 6.1-6.3), my soil ph still registers 7.0. Further, my runoff is high as well (6.8-7.0). Has anyone else experienced this? I use tap water and let it sit overnight before adjusting the ph prior to watering. I am using Soul Synthetics and Roots Organics for nutes/supplements and always adjust the ph on those just before watering.

    One of my plants definitely looks like there has been some nutrient lockout going on (magnesium and nitrogen deficiencies), but the other one seems to be handling the slightly higher ph much better.

    My inclination is to do the obvious thing and reduce the ph of my water even further, maybe 5.5-5.8, but I don't want to cause any additional harm to my ladies.

    I am in week 8 of flower. I used a foliar application of epsom salts to try to halt the mg deficiency. Pics can be provided if necessary, but I'm more curious about the ph issue than diagnosing the plants.

    Let me know if you need further details.


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