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How to Get Your Completed Grow Journal Added to This Section

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  • SimpleGrower12
    Hello! :-)
    2. Super Silver Haze from seed
    3. Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    4. x3 600W Viparspectra LEDs
    5. Seeds popped 7/27/19, plants cut down 1/5/2020
    6. 596 grams yield
    This forum provided so much insight throughout the grow! Thank you so much NebulaHaze

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  • FarmerJoe
    I would Like to get this diary added If possible. All the information with pictures & updates once a week start to finish .9/7-12/7/19
    Link -- Farmer_Joe13. MAMBA Negra auto
    Feel free to edit all. I laid it on a bit thick about Pev Grow to ensure my free seeds. Was skeptical but they followed through no questions. Everything else is fairly accurate. soil grow ( miracle grow- homemade organic- pearlite - worm castings.
    2 400 Watt hps sunsystems. 175 W mh & LEDs at start. 1 of 12 plants all under same conditions at same time .
    I thank you so much for considering this Diary. I don't know how you do it . So perfect & accurate always. You make it look so easy. I love the growing, but get bogged down trying to get the perfect pictures ...
    I was a bit stressed at the end .the photographer/Writer began taking time away from the Farmer. Thanks Happy Growweedeasy1

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  • Mrblu
    Strain: G13
    Grow medium: Miracle grow moister control soil w/time release base nutrients
    Light: Viparspectra V450 LED + ABI 660nm 24watt LED
    Start: clone clipped aprox 7/25/2019 ( about 8 weeks in veg) | Harvest 11/26/2019 ( about 9 weeks in flower)
    Final yield: 98.6 grams dry [0.49 gram/watt]
    Last edited by Mrblu; 12-24-2019, 01:44 AM.

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  • Colombo
    Acapulco Gold Gen-1 Clone
    Just Natural Organics
    2 300w LEDs
    cloned 3/14/19 and Harvested 7/1619
    yield was 126g dry = 4.45 ozs
    Last edited by Colombo; 07-26-2019, 06:53 AM.

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  • JayGee

    2.Mephisto - Chemdogging x2, Mephisto - Northern Cheese Haze, Dinafem - Dinamex (4 plants total).
    3. Canna - Coco Coir
    4. 2 X 240W 3000k QB (lm301b). 24/0 light cycle.
    5. Started April 17th, 2019. Chopped June 30th, 2019. 76 days.
    6. NCH: 297g . Chemdogging #1: 233g. Chemdogging #2: 242g. Dinamex: 275g. Total: 1045g

    Pic is last group shot before chop.

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  • WizardsNThings

    2. Sweet Black Cream Fem Auto and Lemon OG Haze Fem Auto
    3. Fox Farm Ocean Soil
    4. 2x 450w Vipaspectra LED
    5. Start: 3/30/19. Harvest: Black Cream: 6/6/19 (68 days). Lemon OG Haze: 6/26/19: 87 Days
    6. Sweet Black Cream: 57.18g. Lemon OG Haze: 65.96g

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  • Lucky13
    Hey, hows it going!
    I completed something of a quick guide to Colloidal Silver. It incorporates my experience using it, and a quick overview of what Ive been up to so that I can remember what I did in the future. It is here for your consideration. I will be adding to it in the future, but man..thats the future.. hahahaha far out man..
    1. Auto Diesel and Lemon/ Uncle Mikes Lemon, Galaxy, White Widow
    2. Soil; Happy Tree Frog dirt
    3. 300W/600W LED
    4. over the last year ish
    5. 50ppm Colloidal Silver Bio Silver spray
    6. Final yield: fem seeds
    Thanks again!
    Lucky 13

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  • Colombo
    NebulaHaze !

    Started grow on 1/1/19
    Future Journal, My New Years Grow from Santa
    2x4x60 vivosun grow tent
    2-300 watt vivosun LED lights
    home mix soil and organic soil 2-1 with perlite
    White Cheez auto fem, Acapulco Gold fem, Gorilla Glue auto fem.
    Yield from all 3 after cure approximately 10 Ozs.
    Last edited by Colombo; 07-26-2019, 06:52 AM.

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  • cjlc72682
    Has anyone tried to use clover as ground cover around their plant in 7 gallon pots? Supposed to add nitrogen in its best form for weed to absorbed?

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  • Trimmings426
    Hey Nebula how are you? I would like to get my newest Grow Journal posted to the Finished Grow Journals Tutorial.
    Here's the info you require.

    Medium: Fox Farm Happy Frog (seedlings) Fox Farm Ocean Forest (transplant) Fox Farm Organic Soil Trio Nutes
    Lights: CFLs 23watt 6500K X2 100watt 5700K X4 (seedlings) 600watt MH (veg) 600watt HPS (flowering)
    Strain: White Widow X2 (SEEDSMAN)
    Start Date: 12/14/18 Harvest Date: 4/8/19
    Final Yield: 6 1/2 OZ's Under Ill Circumstances
    Last edited by Trimmings426; 04-14-2019, 05:45 AM.

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  • SommerVirelli

    Strain: Lucid Blue by Gage Green Group

    2: Nectar of the Gods Soil #4

    3: 600w HPS (Hortilux Bulbs)

    4: Dates are really unknown. I grow week to week and don’t usually keep track of exact dates. Sorry 😕 I hope it’s not a deal breaker.

    5: 10.2 oz.
    Last edited by SommerVirelli; 02-27-2019, 01:33 AM.

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  • mcubed476
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks Tika!

  • Tika
    Great images and journal in the GWE newsletter this morning! Wonderfully done! Congratulations🎉🎩🎈

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  • mcubed476
    2. Gorilla Glue Auto by expert expert seeds Gorilla Glue #4 Auto by Fast Buds
    3. Mother Earth Coco
    4. 4 55w autocobs
    5. Planted 8-30, harvested last plant 1-8.

    G​​​​​orilla Glue auto - 694g
    Gorilla Glue #4 auto (#1)- 121g Gorilla Glue #4 (#2) - 66g
    Total yield - 881g, or 31.46 oz

    NebulaHaze Wowsa! Thanks again for your website Nebula! I'll never get 1.5 lbs off of a plant again I'm sure! It was a hell of a ride though!
    Last edited by mcubed476; 01-13-2019, 09:53 AM.

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  • Juicyj89
    commented on 's reply
    This was my first grow btw. Turned out pretty wicked. Wish I would have let it flower longer. But still super dank.

    All hydro/bubbleponics. Fox farm nutes. 150w hps. Mystery bag seed. All details in journal.

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