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    I would Like to get this diary added If possible. All the information with pictures & updates once a week start to finish .9/7-12/7/19
    Link -- Farmer_Joe13. MAMBA Negra auto
    Feel free to edit all. I laid it on a bit thick about Pev Grow to ensure my free seeds. Was skeptical but they followed through no questions. Everything else is fairly accurate. soil grow ( miracle grow- homemade organic- pearlite - worm castings.
    2 400 Watt hps sunsystems. 175 W mh & LEDs at start. 1 of 12 plants all under same conditions at same time .
    I thank you so much for considering this Diary. I don't know how you do it . So perfect & accurate always. You make it look so easy. I love the growing, but get bogged down trying to get the perfect pictures ...
    I was a bit stressed at the end .the photographer/Writer began taking time away from the Farmer. Thanks Happy Growweedeasy1
    Set up: 6 x 6 Grow room [ Home made]. 24 sq’ Grow area Separated by curtain 18/6 Light schedule 2-400 watt HPS. 1-175 Watt MH, 1200 Watt Kings LED 600 + , [Recently added.] Veg & bloom switch. I like them both On. Positioned to work together with HPS & MH.
    Auto’s always … clones & feminized Started to move outdoors in season.
    2 Exhaust fans -- 3 Circulate intake fans. as needed, all wide open currently. Potting soil Mixed with homemade organic, perlite, peat moss, Worm castings.
    5 Gallon Fabric bags. Weak doses- all purpose In veg.- Bloom Buster & molasses During flowering stage. Worm casting Tea. Egg shell tea occasionally

    Researching & Crossing different strains. Goal-ultimately find &/or developed the ultimate*ever-elusive*perfect girl*Tree of Life- fountain of youth.

    “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2).


      Hello! :-)
      2. Super Silver Haze from seed
      3. Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest
      4. x3 600W Viparspectra LEDs
      5. Seeds popped 7/27/19, plants cut down 1/5/2020
      6. 596 grams yield
      This forum provided so much insight throughout the grow! Thank you so much NebulaHaze


        Greetings,An amazing member of GWE's growing community grouchyoldman has helped immensely in pulling the method all together in a PDF version which is also linked in the journal and provided here -Thanks once again for a great site and all of your hard work in helping the growing community!
        All my Best,
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        Current Grow:
        • Granddaddy Purple 12.29.2020

        Mars Hydro TS-3000 LED - Hydroponic DWC - 4x4x6 Grow Tent with carbon filter
        GH Flora Trio - CalMag - Hydroguard, PH down - Perfect PH: Bud Candy, Big Bud & Flawless Finish


          ​​​​​​Rawtton by Ethos

          Nectar for the Gods #4 Soil

          Custom Made HLG 550 Clone (481w LED)

          Start Date: 10/12/20
          Harvest Date: 1/29/21

          Total Yield: 25.12 oz. (712.1 g) {1.57 lb}
          Grow Journal - Rawtton by Ethos HLG550 R-Spec (480w) Gorilla 4x4 Shorty Tent Nutrients and additives: Nectar for the Gods, Photosynthesis Plus, Mammoth P, SLF-100, Cultured Biologix Teas, Bigfoot Mycorrhizae, Sonic Bloom. Homemade SCROG Five female seeds have been placed into paper towel for germination. Only 4 of them will
          Rawtton by Ethos Journal


            1:Fat Banana Grow Diary/ Viparspectra R900 VS. Lumatek Attis 300W - Cannabis Growing Forum
            2:9 Fat Banana ( RQS)
            3:Soil Standard Tomato soil
            4: Lumatek Attis 300W and Viparspectra R900
            5: Start 7 Juli End 5 November. (bloom from 8-10 weeks)
            6 Yield 388 grams
            I hope the link is working. Or else it should be easy to find. like with Canucks.



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