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    Hi NebulaHaze ! Here is my 5th grow!


    ​​​​​​2. Devil Cream by Sweet Seeds
    Trainwreck by Sweet Seeds
    Alien v Triangle by Mephisto

    3. Coco - MotherEarth is the brand I believe.

    4. 4 55w autocobs

    5.Devil Cream -- 5-1-2018 --- 7-16-2018
    Trainwreck -- 5-25-2018 --- 8-04-2018
    Alien v Triangle -- 5-24-2018 --- 8-27-2018

    6. 410.8g


    Grow 1 Grow 2 Grow 3 Grow 4 Grow 5

    Grow 6 Grow 7 Grow 8 Grow 9 Grow 10




      2. A) OG Kush Rolex auto-seedsman
      B) White Widow auto-seedsman

      3. Roots Organics over 5lbs of Kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots. Charcoal filtered tap water and occasional casting tea.

      4. Started grow with (3) 3' Kind LED light bars=106w from the wall. Switched to 600w HPS on July 18th, 2018

      5. Soaked seeds June 13th, 2018
      Harvested Kush September 7th, 2018
      Harvested White Widow September 14th, 2018

      6. Kush=62
      White widow=67.5


      I wish I would've done this with my previous grow journals. Thank you NebulaHaze and Siriusfourside.
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      "Life is not about being dealt a great hand but playing a poor hand well"...

      •Roots Organics over kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots

      •600w hps supplement w/Kind LEDs during flower

      •4" can-fan w/can-filter(carbon)

      •14,000btu air conditioner


        Hi NebulaHaze ! Here is my 2nd grow

        2.Original Skunk#1 X2
        3. Fox Farm Happy Frog (seedling)
        Fox Farm Ocean Forest (transplant)
        4. 27 watt 6500K CFL's x 4 for seedling dome clamp 12'' with 2 way socket splitters
        600 watt MH for veg. 600 watt HPS for flowering
        5.Start Date 7/19/18
        Harvest Date 11/19/18
        6. 270 grams / 9 oz's / about

        2nd Grow

        Hi Nebula, it's been a while since I tried to have a journal posted on the Finished Grow Journals so I hope I did this right.
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        • Trimmings426
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          Hi Nebula just wondering if you had seen my request for the finished grow journals to see if you would put my 2nd journal up, thanks.


        Well idk if it’s good enough but it’s definitely complete! Haha Thanks!
        “Pounds of weed. Sour D. That medical for my allergies.” - Juicy J

        Second Grow:

        Sweet Tooth Autos (4)
        192w t5 (veg) 400w HPS (flwr) 24/0hr
        3 Gal Smart Pots
        FoxFarm Trio
        +Open Sesame

        First grow:

        150w hps hydro grow (DIY)

        Current Grow:

        (1) new420guy Black Domina and P98 Bubba Kush
        192w t5
        Rapid Rooter/Jiffy-Pot/5 Gal Smart Pot
        FF BushDoctor Coco-Loco
        FF Nutrient Trio + CaliMagic


        • Juicyj89
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          This was my first grow btw. Turned out pretty wicked. Wish I would have let it flower longer. But still super dank.

          All hydro/bubbleponics. Fox farm nutes. 150w hps. Mystery bag seed. All details in journal.

        2. Gorilla Glue Auto by expert expert seeds Gorilla Glue #4 Auto by Fast Buds
        3. Mother Earth Coco
        4. 4 55w autocobs
        5. Planted 8-30, harvested last plant 1-8.

        G​​​​​orilla Glue auto - 694g
        Gorilla Glue #4 auto (#1)- 121g Gorilla Glue #4 (#2) - 66g
        Total yield - 881g, or 31.46 oz

        NebulaHaze Wowsa! Thanks again for your website Nebula! I'll never get 1.5 lbs off of a plant again I'm sure! It was a hell of a ride though!
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        Grow 1 Grow 2 Grow 3 Grow 4 Grow 5

        Grow 6 Grow 7 Grow 8 Grow 9 Grow 10


          Great images and journal in the GWE newsletter this morning! Wonderfully done! Congratulations🎉🎩🎈
          Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
          Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
          GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
          photoperiod feminized seeds

          Testing for the_honeysticks genetics


          • mcubed476
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            Thanks Tika!


          Strain: Lucid Blue by Gage Green Group

          2: Nectar of the Gods Soil #4

          3: 600w HPS (Hortilux Bulbs)

          4: Dates are really unknown. I grow week to week and don’t usually keep track of exact dates. Sorry 😕 I hope it’s not a deal breaker.

          5: 10.2 oz.
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            Hey Nebula how are you? I would like to get my newest Grow Journal posted to the Finished Grow Journals Tutorial.
            Here's the info you require.

            Medium: Fox Farm Happy Frog (seedlings) Fox Farm Ocean Forest (transplant) Fox Farm Organic Soil Trio Nutes
            Lights: CFLs 23watt 6500K X2 100watt 5700K X4 (seedlings) 600watt MH (veg) 600watt HPS (flowering)
            Strain: White Widow X2 (SEEDSMAN)
            Start Date: 12/14/18 Harvest Date: 4/8/19
            Final Yield: 6 1/2 OZ's Under Ill Circumstances
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              Has anyone tried to use clover as ground cover around their plant in 7 gallon pots? Supposed to add nitrogen in its best form for weed to absorbed?


                NebulaHaze !

                Started grow on 1/1/19
                Future Journal, My New Years Grow from Santa
                2x4x60 vivosun grow tent
                2-300 watt vivosun LED lights
                home mix soil and organic soil 2-1 with perlite
                White Cheez auto fem, Acapulco Gold fem, Gorilla Glue auto fem.
                Yield from all 3 after cure approximately 10 Ozs.
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                  Hey, hows it going!
                  I completed something of a quick guide to Colloidal Silver. It incorporates my experience using it, and a quick overview of what Ive been up to so that I can remember what I did in the future. It is here for your consideration. I will be adding to it in the future, but man..thats the future.. hahahaha far out man..

                  1. Auto Diesel and Lemon/ Uncle Mikes Lemon, Galaxy, White Widow
                  2. Soil; Happy Tree Frog dirt
                  3. 300W/600W LED
                  4. over the last year ish
                  5. 50ppm Colloidal Silver Bio Silver spray
                  6. Final yield: fem seeds
                  Thanks again!
                  Lucky 13



                    2. Sweet Black Cream Fem Auto and Lemon OG Haze Fem Auto
                    3. Fox Farm Ocean Soil
                    4. 2x 450w Vipaspectra LED
                    5. Start: 3/30/19. Harvest: Black Cream: 6/6/19 (68 days). Lemon OG Haze: 6/26/19: 87 Days
                    6. Sweet Black Cream: 57.18g. Lemon OG Haze: 65.96g
                    2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
                    6" inline fan w/ carbon filter (passive air intake)
                    Two 6 fans in tent for airflow
                    260w Niemi LED w/ LM301H
                    Coco coir w/ perlite
                    General Hydroponics FloraTrio plus CaliMagic

                    Current Grow:
                    1x Spliff Seeds CBD Spliff Berry fem
                    1x CBD Crew CBD Yummy fem



                      2.Mephisto - Chemdogging x2, Mephisto - Northern Cheese Haze, Dinafem - Dinamex (4 plants total).
                      3. Canna - Coco Coir
                      4. 2 X 240W 3000k QB (lm301b). 24/0 light cycle.
                      5. Started April 17th, 2019. Chopped June 30th, 2019. 76 days.
                      6. NCH: 297g . Chemdogging #1: 233g. Chemdogging #2: 242g. Dinamex: 275g. Total: 1045g

                      Pic is last group shot before chop.
                      First grow started on April 17th, 2019.
                      4x4 Grow Tent
                      2 X 240W 3000k QB (lm301b). 24/0 light cycle.
                      Canna Coco medium, 3 gallon fabric pots
                      AN SensiCoco Grow + Bloom w/ tap water

                      2 x Mephisto - Chemdogging
                      1 x Mephisto - Northern Cheese Haze
                      1 x Dinafem - Dinamex

                      Chopped June 30th, 2019. Final yield: 716g plus 329g of larfy buds.


                        Acapulco Gold Gen-1 Clone
                        Just Natural Organics
                        2 300w LEDs
                        cloned 3/14/19 and Harvested 7/1619
                        yield was 126g dry = 4.45 ozs
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                          Strain: G13
                          Grow medium: Miracle grow moister control soil w/time release base nutrients
                          Light: Viparspectra V450 LED + ABI 660nm 24watt LED
                          Start: clone clipped aprox 7/25/2019 ( about 8 weeks in veg) | Harvest 11/26/2019 ( about 9 weeks in flower)
                          Final yield: 98.6 grams dry [0.49 gram/watt]
                          Last edited by Mrblu; 12-24-2019, 01:44 AM.
                          *4x2x6 for veg with HLG65 4000k x3
                          ​​​​*2x2x4 for mothers with HLG65 [van helsing, master breath, white mo, pineapple express]
                          *custom 4x4 closet for flower with HLG260 + 4' T5 (x4) - agromax bloom led x2 + agromax 6400k florescent x2 {440watt totall}
                          *8 site clone bucket with 20w cfl
                          You never know when you might need a little C4


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