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    Hi NebulaHaze ! Here is my 5th grow!


    ​​​​​​2. Devil Cream by Sweet Seeds
    Trainwreck by Sweet Seeds
    Alien v Triangle by Mephisto

    3. Coco - MotherEarth is the brand I believe.

    4. 4 55w autocobs

    5.Devil Cream -- 5-1-2018 --- 7-16-2018
    Trainwreck -- 5-25-2018 --- 8-04-2018
    Alien v Triangle -- 5-24-2018 --- 8-27-2018

    6. 410.8g

    Current grow:

    4 55w autocobs (150 hps equivalent for each cob)
    3 gallon pots

    Gorilla glue auto x 2
    Gorilla glue #4 auto x 2

    Mainline vs. double mainline
    Previous grows:






      2. A) OG Kush Rolex auto-seedsman
      B) White Widow auto-seedsman

      3. Roots Organics over 5lbs of Kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots. Charcoal filtered tap water and occasional casting tea.

      4. Started grow with (3) 3' Kind LED light bars=106w from the wall. Switched to 600w HPS on July 18th, 2018

      5. Soaked seeds June 13th, 2018
      Harvested Kush September 7th, 2018
      Harvested White Widow September 14th, 2018

      6. Kush=62
      White widow=67.5


      I wish I would've done this with my previous grow journals. Thank you NebulaHaze and Siriusfourside.
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      "Life is not about being dealt a great hand but playing a poor hand well"...

      •Roots Organics over kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots

      •600w hps supplement w/Kind LEDs during flower

      •4" can-fan w/can-filter(carbon)

      •14,000btu air conditioner


        Hi NebulaHaze ! Here is my 2nd grow

        2.Original Skunk#1 X2
        3. Fox Farm Happy Frog (seedling)
        Fox Farm Ocean Forest (transplant)
        4. 27 watt 6500K CFL's x 4 for seedling dome clamp 12'' with 2 way socket splitters
        600 watt MH for veg. 600 watt HPS for flowering
        5.Start Date 7/19/18
        Harvest Date 11/19/18
        6. 270 grams / 9 oz's / about

        2nd Grow

        Hi Nebula, it's been a while since I tried to have a journal posted on the Finished Grow Journals so I hope I did this right.
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        • Trimmings426
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          Hi Nebula just wondering if you had seen my request for the finished grow journals to see if you would put my 2nd journal up, thanks.


        Well idk if it’s good enough but it’s definitely complete! Haha Thanks!
        “Pounds of weed. Sour D. That medical for my allergies.” - Juicy J


        • Juicyj89
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          This was my first grow btw. Turned out pretty wicked. Wish I would have let it flower longer. But still super dank.

          All hydro/bubbleponics. Fox farm nutes. 150w hps. Mystery bag seed. All details in journal.

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