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    Hey 🍀 Lucky- I think grow environment, electric costs, grow habits/ disciplines , nutrients., strains, quality of leds, etc also need to be held in account when debating lighting. I find any lamp to be costly here but..4 p600 LEDs are better (for me) than 2 1000 wt HPS. My point is that a blanket statement is inaccurate and misleading. It's like saying people that grow Autos do so because they can't grow (photoperiod). Equally " sun is the only way to grow good cannabis"...I would love an "insect, mold, humidity free environment ". And then compare.
    my point ... it all depends and my LEDs may not be as good as others nor may they be as good as LEC BUT I haven't tested the comparison with you guys in my / your environment by the above elements of consideration.
    SO for the moment- NO my LEDS DO NOT SUCK. Like you said it is in your space by which you made that determination and that is quite obvious via your grow

    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds


    • LuckyAcres
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      The other dude said leds suck. I'm only going by what I've seen under my own eyes. Same feeding, nutes, rh, temps, medium, care side under led, the other side under lec. Some overlapping in the center(the baddest looking buds of the lot btw). Lec yield was slightly bigger than led side... lec outperformed led. Not one worse than the other, simply outperformed. End of debate?

    • ZigZag
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      Lucky_ maybe the reason that your plants which were under the combined lighting_ both the LEC and the LED_produced better than the others which were more directly under one or the other of the lights_could be due to a more complete light spectrum and/or more even PPFD. PPFD would be likely be stronger and most consistent within a square meter where the two "cones of light" mixed. Just an observation...discounting all the other parameters. :~) It would be interesting to do a test where clones from the same mother are grown in different rooms_ different lights_ but else the same. Wish I had the space!

    LuckyAcres & Green75, I admire your growing skills-tremendously and listen very carefully to what you have to say as do MANY others who may not ( hopefully be as literal as I am). I am not competing nor debating just adding into the thread you 2 started AS I was harvesting my first plant of 8 under my Advanced Platinum p600 LEDs - 4 of them..
    and thought...uh.." this is not going down" as a dictum from god.

    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds


    • LuckyAcres
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      No worries! Meant to add this at the end of my reply! 😜😜😜🤙🏻💨 all good lady!

    Tika's Indoor grow journal # 3
    Flower environment:
    5 x 9 x 6’ 11” Gorilla Grow Tent (not using extension)
    4-P600 Platinum LED Grow Lights
    Carbon filter/ scrubber
    6” – 435 cfm Dura fan (out take / exhaust)
    Dura fan 4” input fresh air
    VEG environment : separate from tent
    4 2’ (4 bulb) T5 florescent-good for 8 5 gal pots
    Cyco Platinum Series Coco Coir, Vigoro Perlite
    Approx. 3 coco to 1 perlite
    Germination: seed into moist Rapid Rooter or Root Riot plugs, into plug tray, into tray for tray with dome upon heating pad. Grow seedlings in 5” plastic pots for 3 weeks.
    5 Gal Smart Pots : final
    Methods: Topping, LST, Defoliation ,hand feed
    NUTRIENTS : GH Flora Trio, CaliMag, Terpinator (drain to waste) Liquid Kool Bloom
    Preparation: rinsing coco coir Platinum / Perlite with plain pHd water 6.0-6.1 input and out put. Will let it dry til just moist for rapid rooter with germinated seed-root showing at the bottom of rooter.
    Strains of the following seeds: (Fem) Gold leaf x 3, Jock horror x 2, Northern lights x 3 (photos from seed)
    pH tool: Blue Lab pH pen
    Prep: Mix coco and perlite outdoors, in large CLEAN bucket, load germ pots with mix, and bring indoors. Always have a little left over “ for transplant to top off.
    Last edited by Tika; 08-01-2017, 08:01 PM.
    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds


    Pap I do the formal PDF in WORD- text & photos, then copy text to the forum. Then add the pics to the forum as's double the work but ...
    and jeezzzeeee Nebula!!!! You are one amazing working woman. Hats off 🎩 to you!!!
    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds


      1. Link to Journal:
      2. Strain - Super Cheese Express
      3. Soil - 4 gallons Fox Farms Happy Frog amended with 1/2 gallon perlite
      4. LED - G8LED 240-watt full-spectrum LED light amended during flowering with Red UFO LED light.
      5. Start Date: Apr 29, 2017 Harvest Date: Jul 28, 2017
      6. Final Yield: 45 grams
      JohnC - Colorado


      • NebulaHaze
        NebulaHaze commented
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        I'm so sorry I didn't get this added until today! It's a really great grow journal, I know others will enjoy it, too


      2. CBD_Apocalypse

      3. DWC hydro

      4. 150/250w MH 250/400w HPS

      5. Start 2/22/17 Harvest 8/7/17

      6. Yield 1.61 oz.
      Completed #1:

      Current :

      Friendly advice:
      If you want to grow top shelf weed, arm yourself with knowledge:


        Hi NebulaHaze,
        can you please get the journal from my second grow moved over here whenever you get a chance? Thanks.
        2. Auto Afghan Kush Ryder by World of Seeds (purchased from Seedsman)
        3. Nutrifield Coco Mega Brick (5kg), no added amendments eg perlite. GH Flora Series + Supplements.
        4. 400V 600W HPS with digital/electronic ballast
        5. 27/3/2017 - 4/6/2017 71 Days
        6. 576g (20oz). Pics of harvest included.
        Feel free to edit out any unnecessary posts/comments etc to tidy it up a bit if you like, 16 pages is a bit excessive.
        Completed auto grows 2
        Known strains grown:
        Afghan Kush Ryder

        2x4 Gorilla tent
        600W HPS
        GH Flora Series trio + Armor Si, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraKleen, Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar (Sugar Cane version).

        Grows using this setup: 1
        Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g

        Current grows:

        Previous grows:


          Hi NebulaHaze,
          2. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
          3. Fox Farms Ocean Forest
          4. 2x 12W Vintage LED and 1x T5 for veg and 2x 12W Vintage LED and 1000w LED for flower
          5. Start Date April 18 2017 & Harvest Dates Aug 21 and Aug 24
          6. Final Yield 86.22 grams or 3.08 ounces
          Thanks for everything you do for the community. I'll be seeing you guys next year.
          My Last Grows:


          My Current Grow:
          None currently


            Hey there NebulaHaze ! Here's most of everything you want for a completed journal!


            Strain: 2 Jock Horror autos
            3 Red Poison autos
            Medium : Mainly coco/perlite mix. The jocks started in dwc and were transferred to Coco.

            Important dates and other stats:

            Jock 1 - 6-20 --- harvested 8-29 (70 days)--- yield...3g lol
            Jock 2 - 6-28 --- harvested 7-12 (76 days) --- yield...58g
            Red Poison 1 - 7-11 --- harvested 9-26 (76 days) - 50g
            Red Poison 2&3- 7-22 harvested 10-10 & 10-11(80-81 days) --- yield 64g and 37g

            Started out with 600w led galaxyhydro, switched to 55w autocobs about 3 weeks in from start. 3 autocobs total.

            Final yield: 212g (7.57 oz)

            I believe the only pic I don't have jarred up is of the jock horror. It was 2 Mason jars worth though!

            I do have a bit of side chat in mine, feel free to delete anything you need to! My next journal will be much more professional and organized. I plan on doing only a weekly update.

            In the last pic, one plant is all jarred on the right, the other is jarred on the left.
            Current grow:

            4 55w autocobs (150 hps equivalent for each cob)
            3 gallon pots
            Red Poison auto/Sweet Trainwreck auto
            3x3x6 grow tent
            GH Flora trio series/ CalMag/ silica blast/great white


            Previous grow:


              2.Blue Wizard
              4.250Mh veg / 400w HPS flower
              5. 6/15/17sprout date 10/20/17 harvest cut down whole plant date
              6.178 grams or 6 ounces 10 grams
              Attached Files
              Last edited by Graff420; 11-12-2017, 05:23 AM.
              DWC/hydroton clay pellets600w digital/dimmable ballast,
              250w MH veg,400w HPS flowering,floratrio nute schedule ,48*32*60 grow tent,
              current grow: feminized blue wizard


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