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POKEDSMOT 1st Grow - DWC with MH/HPS - Apocalypse CBD 1to1 - 1.61 oz Yield

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    Patient Update: I think I mentioned that I chose this strain for a M.S. patient. She has tried dispensary meds but the inconsistency and high THC in strains made it " more work than it was worth" to find something that works. Her husband and I decided on this particular strain due to its low THC High CBD content. First week reports are encouraging.

    Dosage: 7/32 of a gram 4x daily inhaled for broad range treatment. This has improved balance, muscle control, regulated appetite, and has shown possible improvement in Vision. Noticed improvement as a anti-depressant.

    For sleep 1/4 gram smoked is extremely helpful in the first 20min. after ingestion.

    Patient reports that if continued results are this consistent or improve she can reduce her pharma meds buy 4-6 pills every 6 hours.

    I gave her 1oz. of the harvest.

    If you ever get a chance to grow for a patient that you know you'll have the most rewarding harvest ever.

    Personal Smoke Update: small doses make for a great day. High CBD definitely has a different high. Regardless of dosage the first 20 mins this will hit you in a severe way. Very intense like a high THC strain but then mellows and the CBD high takes over. It is long lasting 4-6 hour at cruise speed. No down or crash.

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    Completed #1:

    My forever grow.

    2x400w MH/HPS (veg 6/2 /flower 12/12)

    100w t-5 (nursery)

    6"can fan and filter 480cfm max set to 240cfm exhausted outside.

    Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride Organic
    5gal. Eco Oganics pots.

    Coco soil and pearl

    Light cycle: 6/2 veg. 12/12 flower

    Friendly advice:
    If you want to grow top shelf weed, arm yourself with knowledge:


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      Smot, this is extremely helpful information!!!! Thank you.

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      ive been thinking of taking on a patient. my first run has been helping people with pain n migraines from the feedback im getting, and it IS very exciting and satifying to get those kind of reports!
      it would also help ME out by justifying the 1000w hps as i can keep doing bigger grows. nothing gets the potency from these plants like the 1kw intensity and i dont ever want to downgrade!
      so hell yeah, im lookin into it for sure!

    This was a really nice grow, thanks for all the pictures and info!
    Proving the world just needs more tumble weeds
    A tale of two seeds


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        Anyone know what causes this?


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