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    HELP! Too much light?

    Experienced gardner, but 1st time with cannabis. OK so you want 18hrs of light? I don't know where you live but here in Southern CA. right now the sun comes over the mountain at 8:30 and I have a clear view till sunset at about 7 now. So about 9.5 or 10 hrs. So I have been bringing them in every night and putting under LED lights. 24 7 till week 4 then 8 hrs of light supplementation to make the 18. Here's the rub. When the plants become too big to move around (after being transplanted into the 15 to 25 gallon containers they will spend their outdoor lives in, I won't be able to supplement light any longer. Will the plants go into flowering? No, I can't move the lights outside silly. Talk about giving your site away! It's way too early for flowering. Will I have a problem?

    What are you growing?
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      well if ya can tuff it out, days are getting longer as summer comes around, mid to end of may, days should be closer to 16-18 hrs of day light.
      then they should stay in veg state till days starts getting shorter around mid to end of august then they'll start budding.....

      I'm up here in Canada, so that's our summer out door gardening window.
      We can plant as soon as the nights are warm enough ( may 24 weekend is the planting time).
      then mid August days start dropping
      end of October it's all over, by nov/Dec.
      There's snow on the ground.

      I'm jelious, you guys get ta grow those long flowering Sativas in Cali.
      We are restricted to short flowering Indica's
      hope some of this helped. .


        I think they gonna have a rough start but they'll catch on with the sun schedule and grow a lot before flowering witch I imagine is ok.
        Research the exact time the sun starts illuminating the sky and the exact time night falls. To know exactly how long the day is. The weather app on the phone has this info.
        Then search online when is the summer solstice (longest day of the year) and the next equinox (the day last the same as the night). And this will be your "transition" period. By now they will start flowering. Usually you can start counting days of flowering when the first pistils appear on NEW growth not in preflowers. Commonly around the equinox


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          Short answer no they will not start flowering cause they can tell summer is coming

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