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Sign of pre flower?

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    Sign of pre flower?

    Hello friends!

    It 5 week of veg. yesterday I noticed this little thing and I wonder if this is a pre flower.


    Yes it is but I cannot see anything


      Here's a pic I took of what a female preflower looks like. Yours should look like this at some point.

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      • DW2
        DW2 commented
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        Nice photo Mr. Marley, one of Your plants?

      • Marley
        Marley commented
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        Thanks. Yep, one of mine. That was a few days into flower.

      Howdy Zaxar, nice looking plant. I think that it needs a little more time to show it's gender. It does look promising, crossed stipules and a long thin pre-flower, but until some pistils pop out, uncertain for now.
      Good luck with Your grow.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        thanks a lot my freinds!

        i think it needs some time, so there is no other way than to wait.

        i will post the gender when find out


        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          Hey Zax, when I zoom in on your pics, it definitely looks like it could be the beginnings of a pistil... keep your camera trained on it!!!

        • Zaxar
          Zaxar commented
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          Thanks alltatup, I cant say 100% but when I look closely to my plant I see the same. I think It needs few days to be totally sure

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