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    Now as I understand it, enuf folks signed the petitions to pass it, so now they're paranoid about being watched if they go vote. Guess what, they signed their names on a line and it went to the state for counting (documenting who signed it, right hehe) and to sign you must be a registered voter, with an address (voter registration is confidential, but addresses are not). And now that they did not get up off their phat lazy asses and go pass 820, it failed. Should they now not be even more paranoid than if they had voted (and passed it)!
    BTW my "gateway" drug was phenobarbital, it was given to me as an infant and I am still addicted to it today, weed helps covers it for a while. As an adult you cannot get it, it's to addictive, I did not give it to my kids, a Dr told me "give them this and you can sleep" my response was "Doc, I am a parent, I don't need sleep"! I also told him IMHO "it is to addictive to give to kids". We had a long talk.


      Originally posted by Rwise View Post
      We get to vote for recreational here in our state, and I see a lot of nay sayers coming out with their old and negative views. I will vote for it, though I am not sure it will pass. I will vote for it because it will give more control and help keep it out of reach of children, keep some out of jail, let the LEOs have time for real crimes. And remember it's already out there, it's just illegal, but what does that really mean? To me that means the crime boss has the advantage, he/she can sell to anyone with money to but it, yep that means the kids!
      I could go on, but what I say will not change the vote. I will not ask how anyone else votes, not my place, but I will say>
      Okies go vote!
      Remeber to show up with All That Cool Cannabis Bling...On Shirt, Hat etc...let us know how the conversation went in line...


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      that is a sad thing...some one posted regarding the low turn out for that type of pop up election...This is the very reason North America has so many political issues, no one gives a Damm...Probably all kind of stuff tack on the legislation...


        Voting requires a little effort. Not a lot but a little bit. I'm convinced Americans have lost what ability we used to possess that allowed us to have a discussion about an issue and exchange ideas. We can't do that anymore without resorting to some sort of violence. Reference the videos all over the internet of people acting out in public settings and public meetings. Our information comes in short bursts called sound bites. Our attention span is so short if we have to focus more than about 30 seconds on a societal or news item we glaze over and go on to something else. All the info we get is packaged in these short little pieces of information that don't really tell us anything. Maybe its because of information overload...IDK but it sucks.
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