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Seed Supreme selling counterfeit seeds

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    Seed Supreme selling counterfeit seeds

    Seed Supreme in the USA is currently selling counterfeit Royal Queen seeds.

    I have grown and used one of their strains to manage my medical condition for a decade. When seeds shipped from Europe to the us all my RQ seeds were in official RQ blister packs. Now that they ship from the U.S. They ship loose in zip locks.

    First, Royal Queen has confirmed to me they sell no seeds that are not packed in those blister packs. And I see no need to remove them to simply repack them. They ship great on the little blister cards. That was seed Supreme excuse... For stealth.

    Second, having grown the seeds provided I can absolutely say that they were not Royal Queen genetics! Bud structure wasn't quite right, flower time runs to long to harvest and effects were not as expected!

    So now I'm out money and have no medicine!!! Buy seeds from the USA division of seed Supreme at your own risk. Who knows what they actually ship but it isn't what you ordered necessarily!

    Stray frosty out there, Farmer Ted

    Sorry to hear about that FarmerTed buying seeds is dicey. I have settled on ILGM and Multiverse beans dot com. The Multiverse folks resell ACE seeds and were recommended by them. And I’ve nothing but success with ILGM.
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      #3 and Oregon elite seeds were my most recent seed purchases. All seeds came in original breeder packs. It's very satisfying to see that.


        Seed selling has become dramatically different over the last few years since federal guidelines have changed and mailing seeds is now quasi legal. It used to be that many seeds sent from Europe were always what we would call white label, meaning they had been removed from their original packaging then put in little tiny baggies with a white label stating the variety. I always thought they used to do this because it made it much easier to use stealth packaging, I remember the first seeds I ever bought were from seed supreme probably eight years ago And they were white label jammed into a hollowed out pen for secrecy I guess. Some still seem to do this, they will buy in bulk from a producer and then rebag but you have to trust them. It sucks when there is evidence that what they have rebag does not the same. Or maybe the same named variety but from a different producer, who knows how similar the genetics are between producers for any single variety, it's not like there is any sort of regulation for this stuff. I have seen some sellers now state when they rebag and state that the producer has given them the go ahead to do this. Caveat emptor and all that. If it helps I just ordered from seedsman USA some Royal Queen sour Diesel and it came in the original packaging.


          I too had a bad experience with Seed Supreme. I hope you contacted them to demand replacements. They'll automatically assume you did something wrong and only refund 50%, if you get the same treatment I did.

          I also noticed my original shipment came in ziplocs. The second one (replacements) came in brand packaging...but I still had 15 seeds that were worthless.

          I gave them the benefit of the doubt but your experience is too similar to mine.

          Thanks for sharing. It's word through the GWE forum that us consumers can "weed" out the bad vendors.
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            I'm sceptical of any beans that don't come in breeder packs. Not worth the few bucks saved and likely fakes.
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