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    Flowering stage

    Hello hello,

    We are dealing a situation in the almost 7th week of the flowering stage. We are growing in a hydroponic system and yesterday we noticed a strange colour of the leaves, more precisely on their edges - they are brown. I ll attach here a photo. I have to mention that the day before yesterday, the leaves didn t have this colour. It all happened over night.

    It is something we should worry about?

    Tnx & looking forward to hearing from you!​



      Also, i have to mention that the girls look very good, they have strong buds, really heavy, jackpot We were planning to keep the in flowering for more 2 weeks. We are wondering if the apprearing of this colour on the leaves is a sign for us to harvest them.


        The picture looks like a possible potassium deficiency to me, but I'm not a long time grower. I grabbed the picture below from this page, I suggest you go there, where you'll find multiple other photos of what this deficiency looks like (as well as an alternative to a potassium deficiency) and how to correct the situation. It's really informative. FWIW, that page in particular is what caused me to become a member here. The best diagnosis chart I personally have seen.

        I'll be interested to see what other, more experienced growers have to say.
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          Howdy Christine20, please post some details of the growing environment (water and air temperature, pH, etc.) and some photos of the plant(s) would help as well. I can only assume without some information, but, KLAX might have just nailed it!
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