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Help me determine how many plants / buckets to plan for?

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    HYDRO Help me determine how many plants / buckets to plan for?

    Hi, me again with a more specific question this time.
    I think I've settled on an RDWC system (with an external res to save space) 4x4 grow tent, and a 520 actual watts LED lamp (Viparspectra 1200W)
    I like the square buckets and I Found 5 gallon square heavy duty buckets at lowes for $12 ea. I think those are my best bet. Now I'm trying to plan for how many plants I can grow.

    I know that RDWC causes plants to grow faster and therefore you gotta get them swapped to flower while they're smaller in size.. so I'm not sure if that is same # of plants or more?

    I have not settled on a "method" like scrog or sog.. I know that affects it. I'm mostly concerned about end production - would like (at least) 1lb per 4 mo. I can fit at maximum 16 squished together buckets with absolutely no space to move. Would like to avoid that. Pretty sure the light isn't good enough for that many. But how many is enough, how many is too many? (if I produce extra, that's just backup or I can give to my dad as he also has the need. I'm growing for my fiance for med needs, and my dad also smokes for med need)

    I'd like y'alls advice on determining the # of buckets I should build in this system, for how many plants and the method (scrog, training, sog, etc?) that will gain me my end production values. I would also like to have something in that tent to help me clone for the 'next batch', once one batch is done, start right back over. I'd like a steady production of 1lb/4mo.

    Thanks for your advice

    Edit to add -
    additionally, I haven't even gotten to the strains & types plan phase yet.. so consider that, if auto flower or feminized is better in whatever you advise and let me know.
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    Femenized seeds will be the most convenient since you'll be guaranteed to have a majority of the seeds sprout with female genetics. Personally I prefer traditional photoperiod seeds but that's just me. I don't like my seeds to be chemically induced to have female genetics.

    I would also suggest you look into buying a tent system from AC Infinity. Their ventilation control keeps everything within parameters and the kit comes with everything you need to do a great scrog! AC Infinity Advance Grow System 4x4, Integrated Grow Tent Kit, Smart Climate Controls to Automate Airflow, Schedule Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes, 2000D Mylar Tent : Patio, Lawn & Garden


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