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Dawn Dishsoap

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    Dawn Dishsoap

    Who’s used this as an insecticidal soap. Read a lot of places saying you can but iffy on it. I’m in Canada so it’s the easiest soap to get.

    Funny you ask...
    2 years ago I wanted to start growing weed in Michigan once it became legal. I bought this grow 'kit' called "A Pot for Pot". It came with everything to grow one plant. It came with a small sample of Neem Oil & Dawn to guard against pests. Instructions said to mix 2 drops of each in a sprayer with water. I've used it a few times outside. Not sure if it really works all that good (and I've read negative things about Neem oil) but there you go...
    New grower... (Two years & counting...)

    Happy Frog soil
    Fox Farms nutrients trio
    Smart pots
    Vivosun 2x2x4 tent
    Vivosun VS1000 LED grow light

    Semper Fi brothers and sisters!


      It'll kill fleas on your pup, but I wouldn't use either on flowers.


        I was thinking of making my own soap using coconut oil and potassium hydroxide.


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