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2022 Outdoor Growers Post Your Outdoor Pictures ONLY

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    2022 Outdoor Growers Post Your Outdoor Pictures ONLY

    I would like to start a thread for those who grow a crop outdoor ONLY no tent grows. This is just for recreational grows no commercial shots or stupid questions about planting illegally go search that someplace else. I'm in a legal state., USA. Welcome anyone who's grows during the summer months in their Country. Share your pictures and a few details about your plants.

    Happy growing season everyone may your yields be plenty and keep a low profile, loose lips sink your grows.

    Getting them acclimated to outdoors and the beginning of my fairy good luck garden.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	screen house.jpg
Views:	1390
Size:	284.8 KB
ID:	565627
    I changed things up a lot this year switching from 5 gal 30 gal bags of living soil and the addition of my
    "screen house."
    I lost a lot of quality bud to caterpillar damage the past 2 years and I'm hoping the mosquito netting will keep
    the damn moths and bird shit at bay. All in, it cost me about $60 to make. I also added a retractable screen
    awning above to shade them on those hot August days. This is my 3rd floor balcony that faces south toward
    the ocean and as you can see, there's not a lot of room. Someone would need a hook & ladder truck to gain
    access. Trimming and training requires some awkward body positioning that I'm trying to flesh out. I grow my
    fruits and veggies on the 2nd floor balcony below that has a bit more width.

    I've got FreakShow, Vanilla Frosting, OG Kush, and an unknown 5 year old bag seed going at the moment.
    SoOrbudgal, looking forward to seeing how your grow progresses. Best of luck to you and your garden.


      HCP x GTH, GG4 x BB3, GG x SMCG (fem), Black Willie, DGD x BB3, Freakshow. A pair of lemon verbena said to keep some bad bugs away while attracting good bugs, IDK! There are also some onions in with some and radish with another, lambs quarter (wild spinach) in one. It came up on its own, can you see my guard? It's raining today, tomorrow, it does that this time of year. At least its not twisting high speed winds, large hail or snow!
      BB3 = Bruce Banner 3,
      GG4 = Gorilla Glue 4
      GG = Greasy Grapes
      DGD = Dresden Green Diamond
      HCP = Hawaiian Cat Piss
      GTH = Ghost Train Haze
      SMCG = Santa Marta Colombian Gold


        I grew FreakShow last year just as a lark because it's so different. It ended up being so popular among my friends I had to bring it back for an encore.


        • Rwise
          Rwise commented
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          I grew a Berryfreak last winter, turned out very nice, I hope this is similar.

        Well im not growing outdoors this year. Its enjoyable but i have really gotten tired of pollinated plants, BUGS, chasing the sun around my backyard, weather, etc..I'll just stick to the tent for the summer. But i am spreading the luv with a bunch of Grandpas Stash clones for friends and family!
        Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
        Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
        6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
        Canna Coco/perlite
        General Hydroponics Flora Series

        Auto plants Strawberry Pie Auto(fast bud) Night Queen Auto(dutch passion) Chem Dog Auto(ethos) Unknown mix Auto(butterbean seeds)
        Photo plants Blue Cheese(butterbean seeds) Green Crack(Canuk seeds)
        Purple Gelatto(Canuk seeds)


        • SoOrbudgal
          SoOrbudgal commented
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          That's what i would do also homegrown. How's your pups? My new place gets full sun, big tall 8ft wood fence no see through in back. It's rainy and windy today or i'd take a picture of my plant wagon LOL even my month old autos are sitting in the weather. I don't have my greenhouse structure up yet i need 4 people to help me get it up for my garden to protect my starts in outdoors. So i pull them in an out of garage in the wagon. I'm waiting till some friends are free from their chores to help.

        • changeofpace2014
          changeofpace2014 commented
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          Not to mention they grow So So Slow outside, compared to indoor grow.. A lesson in patience....Funny we had four plants in the garden and three were male...

        Cool...I dropped two seeds yesterday in a shot glass...Hoping to make an outdoor run with a Pineapple Chunk and a Pineapple Haze...a couple of freebies from somewhere. Planning to go from the shot glass to a rapid rooter, then a few days in a solo cup, and then final home. While they are inside they'll be under a t5. The pic is the grow space. It faces east and will also get the afternoon sunshine from the south. Only training I plan to do is top them.
        Attached Files
        Auto/Photo Tent: Gorilla 2x4x7'11" HLG 350R, Infinity 4" w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite
        Autopot system
        : 1 Scarlet Grapes & 1 Scarlet Sunset
        Photo Tent: Gorilla 4x4x7'11" HLG Scorpion R, Infinity 6” w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite, Autopot system: Idle at the moment
        Nutrients: CX Horticulture - full line for both tents


        • SoOrbudgal
          SoOrbudgal commented
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          Yeah for you golfnrl be looking forward to seeing your grow.

        • golfnrl
          golfnrl commented
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          bad news...had to leave town and forgot to remind my plant sitter to water the sprouts...gonna be a couple more weeks before I get to plant anything.

        Starting to get the girls acclimated to outdoors. Few hours a day. Zkittlez, Alien Gorilla Glue, White widow, and a little GG4 at 18 days. And some leftover veggie plants from the garden. Zkittlez and AGG going in the ground and WW and GG4 in 10 gal pots on the deck.


        • SoOrbudgal
          SoOrbudgal commented
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          Fantastic Bowhunterwoody . Man my Zkittlez did great outdoors last year, doing 1 this year too. Also got that GG4 going she was smaller but did well also last summer. I wish you well outdoors this year, very lush grow you got going.

        Well outdoor gang it's windy an rainy today my gals are being taken in an out of garage do to the climate so i did'nt take pictures today hopefully tomorrow if the sun shines. When this weather clears these gals will blast off. I have the photos transplanted into 1gal plastics for now and just 2 autos in 3gal fabric crammed in my garden cart. Take care all it's going to be a long grow season, keep vigilant on looking at those plants for bugs it's free " lighting " but not a carefree grow seeya later grow buddies.


          Got two growing outside right now. Both pure CBD plants. 1 is normal. The 2nd is a circus freak show plant. I'm keeping it just to see what it does...
          Attached Files
          Mother Earth Coco/Perlite 70/30
          Canna Coco Or
          Happy Frog soil
          Fox Farms nutrients trio
          Smart pots
          Vivosun tent, LED lite & fan

          Semper Fi brothers and sisters!


            Good day GWE growers as i told you in my last post it's been soggy here where i live. Continues to rain which is good but now we need a bit of sunshine and warmer temps for all things growing outdoors. I start off with the first pic still indoors under light i just transplanted this morning into a 1gal. if you see little black spots have no fear it's soil LOL no bugs. She was getting too top heavy an skinny stalk she fell head first when i was turning her so i took her out and buried her deeper. It's a blueberry kush photo of unknown sex In the wagon are 3 photos in 1gal plastic waiting for the power of the sun to explode in growth. GG#4, tye dye, 3 run homer. In the 2 3gal. fabrics are the autos Candy Cane we'll see how these go i don't think they liked the drowning.


              Here's my garden this year I know the picture is lame I was going to try again until I saw who photo bombed me and I had to post it happy memorial day


              • crucialbunny
                crucialbunny commented
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                I really miss being able to plant in the ground. I have a friend that I give seedlings to and he is able to plant in the ground in his backyard. His plants often grow to twice the size and volume of my container grows. Very nice area you have.

              • homegrown
                homegrown commented
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                Lol Spog, who's the creeper in your garden picture? Stealth security.

              • quirk
                quirk commented
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                The dog seems a little puzzled.

              Started on 4/27 Click image for larger version

Name:	1D8415ED-51D1-4FD9-8FAD-1A29E58F3C39.jpeg
Views:	1281
Size:	109.1 KB
ID:	566211 On top; Seedsmsn Lemon Auto, Harliquin Kimbo Kush 2:1 CBD, NLights Auto, below is another HKK.
              New indoors grower.
              super soil, Pmoss, perlite mix
              2-100w dimmable quantum led panels
              2’x3’ grow space lined with auto windshield reflectors.
              4” carbon filter + other exhaust fans + one 6” fan on the plants.
              Dyna Grow + nutrients


              • GuitboxTom
                GuitboxTom commented
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                That pic was end of May. Now, I gave one to my sister for her man who needs pain relief and I have 3 outside: 1 NLights Auto, 2 Harlequin Kimbo Kush CBD1:2, one topped and one let go as it will because of slow start. I’ll post pics in this thread.

              I haven't given up yet. My nephew lost a friend to OD last weekend or I've have some beans in soil. Even if just an auto surrounded by herbs and flowers on the round patio table. Yes, I said that. I still need storm damage repairs done this summer so for now I'm re-watching Weeds on a Hulu deal while growing weeds outside. And the pug is staying in his lane.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20220528_113509.jpg
Views:	1293
Size:	2.56 MB
ID:	566218
              Soil: Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, perlite; Seedlings: CoM org potting soil
              Indoor: 2 x 5.5 x 8' Closet grow
              Viparspectra XS2000; EnjoYield 220W full spectrum light added during flower
              Various size fabric grow bags
              Cal-Mag & GH Trio if needed; Flower Fuel & molasses during bloom; ReCharge
              4 clip fans. Exhaust into attic is vented to the eaves
              Current grow: DEAD FLOWERS

              "Joker, smoker & midnight toker, I sure don't want to hurt no one"


              • SoOrbudgal
                SoOrbudgal commented
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                Lots of time to grow that auto Puglover1 get back on that saddle LOL

              • Puglover1
                Puglover1 commented
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                SoOrbudgal 6:30 am Tuesday, still awake. A pug wouldn't come back inside when I called so I went out with my broomstick. I had removed a broken homemade pallet compost pile in prep for putting up a galvanized raised garden bed, the pugs keep going after the compost that's covered with tarps, soo much rain here too. So I was pulling weeds and cleaning up while waiting on the grumpy pug (who's never been hit but wouldn't come near me with the broom handle in my hand) and I sensed heat by my central AC unit. Motor? fins or blades on top aren't spinning, the metal housing was hot as hell but the AC was still cooling the house and the hose going into the basement was cool. I shut it down, took out a NIB floor fan bought for the closet, a piece was broken on it, unusable. Got out the tower fan to keep us all comfy, if that goes all that's left here are a few 6" clip fans .. and a bunch of unused fabric bags and light panels. I feel like Rosanne Rosanna Dana, It's always something. Bad motor better than bad compressor. I received $400 from Facebook for IL's great facial recognition laws the day before, I had intended to give it to lawnmowerman. And hit the dispo once. Pfft!

              Enuf rain (for now) let there be sunshine! One freaky leave not on the freakshow, 11 fingers with one not in place.


              • SoOrbudgal
                SoOrbudgal commented
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                I'm with you about enuf rain for now gawwwwwwwd how i'm missing my greenhouse right now. It's still rolled up laying in the backyard waiting to be setup but my helpers are all " busy " or on vacation. Humidity is at 100% everything from weed to veggies are drowning. No pictures from me until things outdoors start to change weather wise. My weed gals are sad

              Invited bullet in the picture this time. NEW Pest in my garden this year baby lantern flies there like leaf hoppers times ten


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