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    Grow #3!!

    Groovy Day to everyone…. So just getting into my third grow, and a new light in the (new) tent.. a vipar xs4000… I’m liking it so far, but the better question may be, are the plants liking it? I think I read that if the nodes are very close together (vs long and spindly), the plant is getting a good level of light at the right distance… do most agree that this would be correct? The plants (kali mist, pineapple express and northern lights) are all now working on nodes 3 & 4, and all nodes are within about 1/8-1/4” on top of each other… very tight. Is that the way…(uh huh uh huh) they like it? Cheers!!
    Current Project - 1 Kali Mist (Kali), 1 Northern Lights (Jeaneau) and 1 Pineapple Express (Pennsyltucky)
    Growing all in CocoCoir (2/3 CoCo:1/3 Perlite)
    Dyna Grow and Bloom Nutrients with CalMag in 6.0pH
    Tent 1 - 4x4x6' with 1 Viparspectra XS4000
    Tent 2 - 2x4x5' with 2 each KingLED 1000 (growing Ghost Peppers! 🌶)
    6x18" Filter w/ 6" 390CFM fan to exhaust, 4" 190CFM Inlet
    Typical Temps 72-82F, RH 20-35%

    Gitrdone. For the most part that's correct. Sativa strains tend to be stretchier than indica strains. Good luck. How much snow did y'all get last week. We nothing this time but 14" two weeks ago.
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      Thanks for the confirmation, Going2fast ... I thought that was the case, but nice to have someone else confirm it. We got about 6" last weekend... not too bad for an ex-Midwest guy like myself, but enough to wipe out the bread and milk aisles at the grocery stores.... another 3" forecast for this Saturday... big fun!! I like to take my lawn chair out to the closest stop sign and watch people slide through it....

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