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First timer, Slow growing plant, Soil pot plant indoor grow, Weak stem

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    HELP! First timer, Slow growing plant, Soil pot plant indoor grow, Weak stem

    G'day guys,

    First time growing and it just started off as a bit of fun after finding a seed amongst a batch of weed!
    No idea if it's male or female yet but just having fun watching it grow for now, the suspense is thrilling and the hope of it being female makes it fun haha

    So it seems to be growing rather slow when I compare it to other plants online.
    After germinating the seed I planted it in a pot of soil with a good mix of perlite. It was planted in a large pot as my mate had suggested it'll be less stress on the plant because I don't have to transplant it. That drive home after planting it at a mates place, I took a corner too hard and the pot tipped over...
    I couldn't find the germinated seed but put it all back in the pot and sure enough 5 days later it sprouted!!
    That was October 5th when it broke the surface.

    I'll try and keep it short and to the point..
    The images show its current height of about 4.5"
    I am leaving the light on for 24hrs and the light is roughly a foot away from the top.
    The stem is weak. I don't have a fan but feel I should get a small one and point it to the side of the plant. Is this the right thing to do to help strengthen it?
    If I don't, is the alternative to put a stick in the soil next to the stem and tie it to that?
    All I have given it so far is water. Roughly 200ml every 4-5days around 1-2inches away from the stem to promote root growth. I find the 200ml is the perfect amount for this big pot to not overwater it.
    The leaves all look a nice green with no real whitening or browning on the tips.

    Without ever have grown before but comparing to other 3 month old plants, the main thing I can think of that has slowed its growth this much is the lack of nutrients and maybe the light schedule? However it's so perfectly green I didn't want to mess with it lol
    Could it be from the seedling being in such a big pot (and I have no idea how deep after spilling it) and that it is heavily growing it's roots first?

    I was thinking of grabbing some fertilizer, specifically this one by Reefertilizer :

    Is the light too low? Does it look stumpy or is this what they're meant to look like?
    Should I raise the light as it grows to help it keep reaching?

    And how long till you can usually tell if it's male or female? I can't see any sacs or anything yet but am keeping my eyes peeled!

    Thanks in advance for any replies, I really appreciate it!!

    Well it's small but looks healthy ish. First problem is you need to water the whole planter not just around the plant. Then not again until the planter feels light. That size plant should be fine for at least a week with one good watering. Your lights are too weak. How many watts is it? You didn't mention if the soil was fresh potting soil or old. It may need nutes. I would recommend getting a fresh bag of good organic potting soil and top dress the planter. You can bury the stem some and it will be fine. Then give it a good watering. Rule of thumb is you need a minimum off 100 watts true power for LEDs per plant to grow well. I would recommend checking your water pH. It should be 6 to 6.5 if you are just using potting soil. Oh and it doesn't need 24 hours of light. Give it 18 hours until it's half the size you can manage then go to 12. It won't express sex until you tell it to.
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      dropping a seed in a pot and watching it grow is fine and if it's really curiosity then just let it go.

      growing cannabis means getting the plant to produce flower/buds. without proper care and attention it will grow, but it won't get a good yield, if at all.

      You appear to have enthusiasm about the plant and that's great but if you have an expectation beyond just growing a plant then you need far better tools.

      Proper heat, humidity, full spectrum light, properly PH'd water and additional nutrients are what you will need to get the plant to produce buds.

      Growing weed can be easy as long as you have the proper tools...good luck.
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        Hey cupcake00100 . The lights you have. If those snake lights are all you have, you don't have nearly enough at least as to how far you are keeping them. I'm guessing they're in the 24w range? That's about what a CFL is. CFL's are kept about 4" away from the plant.
        Did the lights come from a home herb garden?
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