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What's goin' on with my girls?

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    What's goin' on with my girls?

    Should I be worried? I AM worried!!
    Trying to find out what's going on and it seems there are so many different things to consider.
    Beginning to question the Telos 10 Pro LED. I have no clue what the specs mean.
    If anyone have the time and will to decipher I added an PDF screendump from Telos manufacturer.

    A bad sign is I can't find many weed growers journal or reviews on it.
    Is it simply to close to canopy? Will my girls recover if I raise LED.
    Now it is at 60-70 cm (24-27 inches) from canopy. Light burn and/or wind burn?
    Turned down all tent fans, temp and RH are OK, even got a brand new dehumidifier... there's flies in my wallet!!
    Here are some photos, these are taken with my iPhone as my Sony digital camera can't focus properly anymore, f***...arghh.
    Added nutes yesterday, today thinking they are in flower so switch to a mix grow/bloom nutes slowly next watering maybe tomorrow.
    Any input so I can relax a bit is highly appreciated.

    I found photos on another forum Telos 10 Pro LED and they look like my photos, the confusion...
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    I'm not clicking your posts for past reasons It looks like heat issues
    Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

    Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
    indoor/outdoor grower
    1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
    1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
    I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
    Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
    Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
    Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


    • Farmbuck
      Farmbuck commented
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      Wise move Budgal lolll I also say heat issues.

    • madman
      madman commented
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      Ahh... so sorry... I feel so stupid...
      It was just an pdf with specs of LED, you live and you learn... never add any links!
      Oh dear, heat issue, will my girls feel better if I lower the temp? Raise the LED?
      Will they be OK? Please say yes...
      So no light/wind/nutes burn?

    How close were they before you raised them? It does look to me like too much heat and/or light. Idk much about your light and I'm not confident that I could believe anything anyone tells me about it (or mine) call it lack of trust of the industry. I just went with recommendations from other growers. Looking at specs on a light are great, but if you can not trust the information, I would call it moot. For what it is worth, I use Spider farmer lights and so far have been happy with them. Then again, I have nothing to compare them to except for two T-12 four foot fluorescents which is not really a comparison. One test that I have found to be useful is to put the back of your hand under the light far away from the light. Pay attention to the heat you feel on your hand. Now slowly move your hand closer to the light. You should find a distance where the heat increases at a fester rate per distance moved that was previously experienced. Find that distance and put the light just above that distance from the tops of your plants. Adjust from there as needed. I don't think it is windburn. Air circulation is very important.
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    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


    • madman
      madman commented
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      The driver on Telos 10 Pro (Slim) is removable.
      Bought an Telos driver extension cable for it and put the driver outside tent.
      Havn't seen any significant drop in temp yet, but wtf, I'm doing what I can to optimize my setup.
      Read on different sites the LED is dimmable but not how to.
      Gonna call my shop tomorrow about that.
      Found a black button under the driver that says CP ADJ but no clue what that will do.
      Didn't dare to push it though. ADJ must be interpreted as Adjust but what does CP mean?
      Aha... just did a search for *what does CP mean in lightning* and it could mean Candle Power!
      So maybe it IS dimmable?
      Manufacturer site or manual or searching the webb says nothing about it... Sigh... the confusion.
      Gave the ladies a feed, 3 liters (0.8 gallon) / pot, they were thirsty, mixed nutes to 50+50 veg+bloom, next feed will be only for bloom.

    • Ckbrew
      Ckbrew commented
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      That black button sounds like what ur looking for. If there is no screw slot in the black button it may be a plastic plug for the hole, pry it out, yeah don't push it in.

      Look for a website for the manufacturer of the driver, not the light. Find the model # on driver and search it.

    • madman
      madman commented
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      The manufacturer of driver is Mean Well ELGC-300-H-A | ELGC-300-HGN02.
      Black button is removable and there is a hole, a tube and in bottom a potentiometer --> ⊗
      Manufacturer site says it is dimmable...
      Contacted the reseller who told me NOT to use the potentiometer.
      What I don't get why its there if not to be used?
      Reseller said its not working... yet... (confusion) but there will be an updated NEW replacable driver that will be dimmable thru smartphone blu-tooth.
      When or what price they didn't know.
      Rseller says its the best LED you can get!! He suggested give it a new try with new seeds... gahag...

      Speaking of seeds, the Northern Lights Auto seeds are from 2019 so 2 years old.
      Keeping them in original packaging in fridge +6 C in airtight small black food plastic bags.
      No moisture can get in there.
      Seeds sprouted just fine and up until now girls looked just fine and very healthy.
      At a point they were showing visible frost on sugar leafs but not anymore...
      I'm afraid this is gonna be a failure... with no glittering buds.
      What do you think? Should I abort now and go for a new try? Get new seeds?
      If I flush the soil properly can I reuse it?
      I had such big expectations for my new setup.
      Please tell me I'm wrong and that the ladies will bloom with lots of frost if given more love, nutes and time.

    CP ADJ button


      "I may not be a smart man, but I know BS when I hear it".

      So there is a dimmer adjustment port, but you can't use it, and the lights are the best you can get, but they are too bright/hot and are frying your plants- The Light manufacturer says "must be the seeds".

      I asked my son who knows a lot about computers and some about electronics if he thought changing the adjuster might cause a problem. He said maybe. It all depends on how it was set up to work with the LEDs. Sometimes parts are used that have features that can not be used with other components, so just because there is an adjustment port does not necessarily mean it is there to be used. Welcome to the wild world of cheap, mass produced, custom electronics. It sounds like they are getting ready to sell you some parts to fix their problem.

      Idk man, how high can you raise them in the mean time until you get this figured out. I'm running out of ideas. Maybe you could put a partial screen like translucent cloth between the light and plants? Sounds like a waste or light. It sounds like it is just to powerful for your space.
      Last edited by Ckbrew; 11-01-2021, 02:14 PM.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


        The reseller said it could be the seeds, suggested I try with new seeds. Reseller said call the manufacturer by phone... ehh... that's in another part of the world...
        Yep, reseller said there will be a brand new driver, fancy matte black with dimmer function. Yep!
        I raised LED to top of tent, now 100 cm over canopy, tallest plant is now 100 cm so maybe I'll run-out of height if ladies stretch more.
        Tent is 120x120x215 cm... buy a new taller tent and/or a new LED?? If I win the lottery?? My budget has gone down the drain.
        All I wanted was to grow me some decent smoke, I will never fall into the habit of buying from a dealer,
        actually I don't know anyone for that matter, avoiding dealers is the main cause for growing your own.
        Dealer=make lots of money=crime as a business idea=violence=trafficking=death and this chain reaction will go on forever until it gets real ugly, don't wanna to be a part of that!
        Thanks Ckbrew for your help and interest in my problems, will let you know the outcome when harvest time comes, if it comes.
        I'm gonna keep caring for my ladies until the (bitter) end.

        Sincerely sorry for all the commotion I caused in this forum, I got it soo wrong from the day one...
        Best regards and stay safe and healthy,

        PS/ Changed my madman avatar... still a madman but now also hysterical... but "this too will pass"...
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        • madman
          madman commented
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          770 USD for LED
          582 USD for tent
          350 USD for dehumidifier
          200 USD for new nutes
          140 USD for PH pen (hasn't arrived yet)
          Soil, pots, saucers, fans, noise isolated tubes, rope ratches, etc, etc.
          I don't want to add that up!!

          Will do a search for Spider Farmer and ViparSpectra (some of them sold out)

        • Ckbrew
          Ckbrew commented
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        • madman
          madman commented
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          add 655 USD for new led no can do for a few months
          it is what it is and it sucks

        Madman if you paid 770 bucks for a 330 watt light you got jerked. The mean well driver is top notch but that's it. Osram diodes are ok. Samsung 301 diodes are top of the line atm. Can't find anything online about test results of this which is a red flag. Here's the one I have paid 400usd and it is dimmable.
        Use this website to review lights you are interested in. They are very thorough.


        • madman
          madman commented
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          Sorry Going2fast, I missed your comment and the review link.
          Visited and there are good info on that site, didn't find the SF4000 which I'm so close to get...
          Are you satisfied with your Mars?

        Maybe there's still hope for my now a little bigger girls, there are even some glitter in them...


        • SoOrbudgal
          SoOrbudgal commented
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          Once i learned how to use my lights properly things went more smoothly for sure. It's like learning to drive a car or a bike.

        ♫ it's getting better all the time, better better better ♫

        This lady is doing fine, another lady just as good, the others growing lanky.
        Had 2 lanky in one pot, cut down one to get more space for the others.
        The one that went was not showing any flowers, just leafs.
        Tent looks crowded, are 4 autos to many in a 4x4x7 feet (120x120x215 cm) tent?
        Added a 200 W CFL Bloom in corner and rotating pots 4 times a day.

        Done some research for a new LED to my setup.
        Narrowing it down to these 2 brands but... questions, questions, all these questions... and all that info...
        But... if you never ask any questions you'll never gonna get any answers.

        Viparspectra P4000 (better than XS4000?)
        ViparSpectra XS4000 (heat issues?)
        Can't find that video where I saw this!

        Spider Farmer SF4000 (best coverage, but maybe to powerful for my setup?)
        This I am curious about:
        In video (3:58 --> 8:29) he speaks of CO₂ and hight above canopy.
        He also speaks of tissue damage. By that does he mean lightburn?
        The LED is dimmable so maybe that will reduce the harmful intensity of the light.
        Do I need to add CO₂? Does CO₂ bags work in a small tent?

        What I miss is the feature where you can remove drives outside tent to lower temp inside tent.

        Stay safe and healthy, best regards,


        • Smoklahoma
          Smoklahoma commented
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          You don't need co2. The plants will use it if provided. If you use a vent fan to control temp and humidity, and not in a sealed room it is a waste of money. I use it, but most don't. If you decide to try it you need to increase light, temp, and nutrients. I personally thought the bags were a joke. Now I cook with gas.

        • madman
          madman commented
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          I've decided (maybe? help, all that info...) to go for Spider Farmer SF4000.
          Lands on USD-553 free shipping. 3 year warranty.
          I like the size of this board, almost square, should fit my tent perfectly.
          ViparSpectra XS4000 (out of stock at many resellers and some say back in stock soon).
          Goes for USD-567 with shipping. 3 year warranty.
          The size of this board is very wide and narrow.

          What LED hight do you use for your plants? Autos?
          2 of my NL ladies are now 60 cm (23.5 inch) tall and 2 at 90 cm (35.4 inch), distance to canopy 100 cm (39.3 inch) and 70 cm (27.5 inch).
          I learned how to use the Telos at best hight above canopy and that is at the top of my tent so no room left for taller strains.
          Planning to sell the Telos 10 Pro, is that bad karma? Maybe I'll just keep it as a backup if SF4000 fails. (Or VS XS4000...?)
          I used CO₂ bags a couple of times but never figured out if they really worked in my earlier setup.
          I use a tent and vent fan, passive, suck in air from coolest room into tent and out through carbonfilter-fan- tube out to other room.
          The temp cannot be raised, it will get to hot in my tent so I won't use CO₂ bags.
          Last edited by madman; 11-17-2021, 10:57 AM.

        • Ckbrew
          Ckbrew commented
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          I usually do photos. About 25 inches in veg and 18-20 in bloom. At 15 inches is about where i start to see heat stress problems so I try to keep them at least that far away.

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