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Oil rig repair

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    PLReef installs glass stuff so I am sure his suggestion is best but if it were me and I didn’t want to have to buy anything I would look through my house for one of the below items I am pretty sure I have.
    -Dremel (my favourite tool - if you already have one they mostly come with some attachments that would grind and buff)
    -contact cement to fill the crack (it may stick out a bit but it is probably going to be easier to smooth down than glass - fine silicon carbide sandpaper might do it)
    -new skin (this stuff is basically contact cement but is meant for closing cuts - hurts like an MFer going on but works and then just buff it down as if it were contact cement)
    -for a temp fix if the chipped part doesn’t get too hot you could put on a little piece of foil tape - not a long term fix

    Good luck!


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